Bodycon Skirt: Acquired

This weekend, my boyfriend and I drove out east to Riverhead in order to check out Tanger Outlets. Unfortunately, the experience was a terrible one. Not only was it crowded, but they closed down the American Apparel there. :( On the bright side, I was finally able to buy a cute bodycon skirt at Charlotte Russe!

I just love the lace details on it! Of course, it doesn’t look nearly as good on me as it does on the model pictured above. :P But I’ve been dying to give this trend a shot for the longest time, especially since I haven’t been too brave with my style as of late. And who doesn’t like feeling sexy once in a while? ;)

Naturally, my foremost concern was if something tight-fitting like this would ever flatter my body shape. To be honest, it usually wouldn’t – but I’ve found ways to work it. Because I’m a little too thick in the middle, tucking in a tight cami would look horrifying. So I threw a vest over it, duh. :) Thankfully, I found a super helpful video on YouTube that strikes some inspiration in me to rock this skirt in many different ways – whether it be casual or dressy.

I also tried on a few bodycon dresses, but I felt that it was best to take these kind of trends in baby steps. It doesn’t help that I’m not confident enough (yet) to pull off something like this, either. Excuse the blurry photo from my phone. :P

Nevertheless, I do plan on hitting the gym eventually and losing some of the weight I’ve gained over the past few weeks. I swear I’ve put on at least seven pounds.. the scale doesn’t lie! >.<; In other news, I also bought a set of stud earrings at Claire’s while I was at Tanger. Because I always seem to lose all of mine. ;_; Was it slightly awkward that I was the oldest person shopping for myself inside the store? A little. But I have a weakness for cheap, fake jewelry!

I probably won’t be visiting Tanger Outlets again anytime soon, though. The sheer number of obnoxious Long Islanders buying their 6-year-old daughters expensive brand-name clothing made me a little nauseous. Or maybe that was just the terrible quality of the lunch I ate in their food court. <.<;

Either way, I just wanted to leave you guys with a message from my friends at Woman Within before I bring this post to a close. They carry a pretty good selection of plus size clothes. And as a young woman who used to struggle with finding clothes that fit well at mainstream stores, I always think it’s great that the internet has brought about alternatives to shopping. Until next time! ^.^


8 responses to “Bodycon Skirt: Acquired

  1. Love your skirt & dress! I’m waaayyy too out of shape and self-concious to try the body con look. Though it looks extremely adorable on you! Good luck gym-ing it out! I’ve also gained a few pounds once the term started due to stress eating & because the only way I catch up with friends is over food >.< haha.

    • Thank you! I’ve been so busy and lazy this semester. I feel myself getting flabbier by the day, haha. XD And I completely understand, food is ALWAYS involved when I get together with friends. :P

  2. Yeah Tanger Outlets kinda did suck ass =/ We will be sure to just head to the Roosevelt Field mall next time. On the bright side, I think that the body-con dress looks great on you and I think you should invest in one some time (when you have monies)! And I can’t wait to see you in your skirt!

  3. improperintegirl

    I like the body con skirt.. but I would probably never wear one.. even though I could pull it off. I’d get way too self conscious. I’m also not crazy about the look book girl pairing the body con skirts with all of those crop tops -_-

    And you could totally pull that dress off. Just sayin’

    • You definitely have the perfect body for the look! But I know what you mean, I’m very self conscious of my body when I wear tighter-fitting clothing. But I hope to get past that one day, and be more confident in the way I look. And don’t worry, I noticed that, too, in the video. >.<;

  4. Ok hunnie first off…


    second, i think both the skirt AND the dress look GREAT on you :) seriously, I know you dont realize it but you really do have the figure to rock it! and also, loving the bangs on you ;D

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