7 Autumn Must-Haves

Also known as, “Seven trends that Kristina really wants to rock this Fall.”

1) Mini dresses. Nothing can accurately express my love for dresses. It’s so incredibly easy to wake up in the morning and throw one on, without having to worry about the rest of your outfit. And because I’m so petite, shorter dresses give the illusion of longer legs. I would kill for the three pictured below, but I would probably go broke from an American Apparel shopping spree. x_x

2) Body-con skirts. These were all the rage last year, and I doubt that they’ll be losing any popularity soon. I mean, what says “sexy” better than a tight skirt? Pair them will your dancing shoes, and tuck in your favorite top – you’ll look more than ready to have a great night out with your girlfriends. ; ) Besides, these two skirts from Express are to die for!

3) Tights. No matter what style, it’s perfect for Fall – opaque, fishnet, lace, ribbed, patterned, etc. Not only do they keep your legs warm as it gets cooler out, but they also have you looking stylish all season long. Personally, I’m a huge fan of these two pairs from Refuse to Be Usual. One looks incredibly edgy with the two-toned style going on, and the other mimics the look of thigh-high stockings. I may actually order the second one. :P

4) Cross-body bags. I used to be so self-conscious of bags that would sling across my chest, mostly because I thought the separation between my boobs would look awkward. :P Now, I don’t really mind anymore. And who could resist the perfect small-sized bag for all your bare necessities without the trouble of having to actually hold it?

5) Non-denim shorts. Although I do enjoy wearing opaque black tights under denim shorts, some occassions call for something that looks slightly more polished. Texture and details definitely make an impact on how your outfit is perceived, and I think Charlotte Russe has that covered. :)

6) Layering tanks. It’s a pretty well-known fact that I hate sleeves. I would much rather wear something sleeveless, and wear a jacket or sweater over it. Lately, I’ve really been itching to get some new camis and tube tops in all sorts of different colors! What’s even better is that they’re versatile enough to wear all year round. :P These two from Abercrombie happen to strike my fancy. ;)

7) Cardigans. What’s the point of layering if you down have a cute sweater to throw on top? I’m in desperate new of a new cardigan or two. I donated all my old ones to charity because they no longer fit me. (A good habit to get into, by the way.) And the material of my current ones is losing its shape and softness, too. :'( Thankfully, Aeropostale has a good selection of comfy girls sweaters. :D


4 responses to “7 Autumn Must-Haves

  1. improperintegirl

    those mini dresses remind me of 90’s fashion… .and i’ve been feeling nostalgic towards the 90’s lately for some reason… probably the realization that I’m 10 years older than the kids I’m student teaching >.< they are soooo deprived.

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