Trend Alert: Oxford Pumps & Leopard Print

Inspired by the classic menswear shoe, oxford pumps are a more feminine expression of an already-popular Autumn trend. I first fell in love with the style after browsing and coming across this particular pair..

I really wanted to order them, but there were a few problems. I didn’t know if I could trust the website with my credit card information. It was sketchy enough that the site has a reputation for less-than-stellar customer service and incredibly long processing time. But the shipping fees were also huge, since the package would have been sent from China.Instead, I started searching for a relatively cheap pair online. Mostly because I didn’t want to splurge on a trend that I didn’t even know would suit me. :P Since the style is becoming increasingly mainstream, it wasn’t hard to find a few good ones. So many options in style and color, too! But what I was really going for was a classic, black, versatile pair that didn’t have a ridiculously high heel height.

I ordered the ones pictured above through Sears – who would have imagined? As far as quality goes, they aren’t the most perfectly crafted pair of shoes. Up close, you can see a few stitching mistakes. But at a normal viewing distance, these flaws aren’t even noticeable. The details are cute and they’re actually pretty comfortable to walk in. :) What’s even better is that I only paid like $21 for them, and was eligible for free 2-day shipping! ;) My only issue is that the laces are super cheap, stiff, and difficult to tie. I may buy separate laces sometime next week to replace them. :P

And not to seem like I’m posting a completely random and awkward photo, but I really liked my outfit the other day. It was my first time wearing my new oxford pumps, and I was actually surprised that they didn’t hurt my feet at all by the end of the day. And believe me, I do a lot of walking around campus. :<

They look so professional when paired with tights, but I’m afraid that they don’t flatter me so much when worn with skinny jeans or denim leggings. My legs are already pretty short.. so wearing any type of full-coverage, closed-toe shoes with pants make me look even shorter. :'(
I’ve also been into the whole leopard print shoe trend. For some reason, I feel like they just go so well with the Autumn season. I was going to order the flats pictured above from DSW, but they didn’t carry my size or even recognize my school address as a valid location. ;_; Small feet, ftl.

I also find the pair below to be gorgeous, but after some consideration, decided that it wouldn’t be the most practical investment, given the 4.5-inch heel. And that isn’t including the built-in platform at the front. :<

At this point, you guys probably think I’m a shoe-maniac. And I swear I’m not! I’m just really good at distracting myself with online shopping when I should really be doing schoolwork. XD Furthermore, as much as I love these two trends, I’m not a fan of them existing in the same pair. All the power to you if you can pull it off, but I personally could not. :P

On a final note, now that Halloween is approaching, I want to let you guys know that my friends at have a wide selection of sexy shoes to fulfill all your costuming needs. So if your outfit is missing that final touch, feel free to browse their website and get yourself a pair. ;) Until next time! ^.^


7 responses to “Trend Alert: Oxford Pumps & Leopard Print

  1. improperintegirl

    I’ve almost completely given up on legit shoes. I just cant get used to walking around in them… or dealing with the leg and back pain that follows >..<

  2. improperintegirl

    never mind my last comment i forgot about how the brackets screw comments up. But I’ve started wearing black sneakers to the school I’m student teaching at while making sure the rest of my outfit is super professional.. but not if I’m wearing a skirt. No one’s yelled at me yet. I really don’t get how you and just about every other woman in the developed world has learned to wear legit shoes all over the place…

    • Haha. Believe me, it takes time to get used to it! Personally, I only enjoy wearing heels because it makes me look taller and slimmer. I spent most of my junior year in heels, so wearing them now isn’t a big deal to me. I do see you point of view, though. I never understood in high school and early college how some women can survive wearing non-sneaker shoes everywhere. XD

  3. i love oxford pumps! i got a pair a few months ago for work. they look uber cool with skirts & dresses! i used to hate the oxford look because of my school uniforms but after a few years of liberation & dressing in tees and jeans in college, i’ve come to like the prettier & professional look.

    i’m not a particular fan of animal prints…unless they are on undergarments *shift eyes* lol I love Victoria Secret XD

  4. Ah! I love the shoes and I think they look great on you and sorry but they do not make you look shorter :P just fabulous lol theyre definitely a cute trend though although unfortunately with most of my closet i dont think id have much to wear with them :( i absolutely love love love leopard prints tho. Ive been thinking about investing in a leopard print dressy kinda top but I havent found one I really love yet though. :/

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