School Spirit & Pride!!!

Sorry for the long break, guys! I’ve just been so busy that I’ve been a little exhausted lately. Also, I’ve recently gotten sick. ;_; Fortunately, I’ve been drinking a lot of water and taking vitamins, so I’m on the road to recovery. :D

Oh, you know, just chillin’ in my staff shirt.

So what’s been going on with me during the past few weeks? Well.. not only did I actively participate in preparing for Homecoming 2011 and the preceding festivities the other week, but I also performed a choreographed flash mob to Lady Gaga’s Hair with some other students in my quad during the Seawolf Showcase! Here are two videos taken from different angles. I’m all the way on the right. :P

And now that it’s October, I’ve updated the bulletin board and door decs in my hallway! :D Having the opportunity to be creative is probably my favorite part about being an RA. Going along with a Halloween theme, I wrote all of my residents’ names on Gloomy Bear paper cut-outs. : )

And I printed out some information on the history of Halloween, and how it’s celebrated differently across the world. Of course, I had to include an extensive list of great horror movies to watch during this time of the year. :P I admit that this isn’t my best board, but supplies were short in the resource room. >.<;

I had also been assigned the task of creating the flyer for my building’s quad-wide event next month. I always get so excited at every opportunity to Photoshop, so I made sure it looked great. Especially since it’s going to be posted everywhere! :D

For those of who you who aren’t familiar, The Clothesline Project is a popular campaign that raises awareness for violence against women through writing powerful phrases on t-shirts and hanging them in public on a clothesline. Because the theme for my undergraduate college this semester is anti-bullying, we’re tying that into the program as well. : ) Hopefully, we have a huge turnout!


8 responses to “School Spirit & Pride!!!

  1. Michael Mandrus

    Good thing you’ve been keeping busy! I can’t always entertain you with how much work I have to do (ahem League of Legends). And I’m glad I can help you out with stuff like the door decs and the bulletin board…Speaking of which, what do you mean it’s not your best? I worked hard on that!

  2. Absolutely love all sorts of things about Lady Gaga! Thanks a lot Kristina Mirasol for writing!

  3. haha great job with the Lady Gaga choreo. It seems very much your style :D

  4. I love your little Gloomy bears!!!! :D waaaaay to cute!!!!

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