Being Sick

Guest post by Eugene Fulton.

Being sick is the worst and I feel like I’m always the one with the cold or the flu that just won’t go away. Around this time of year and all through the winter I’m the one who’s bedridden most weekends trying to shake something reading book after book and watching hours of direct Tv. I know I sound like a total baby (and my girlfriend thinks I am!) but I just have a really weak immune system and I seem to catch anything and everything that goes around. She’s a teacher, too, so I feel like lots of time she’s bringing the germs home to me so in retrospect sometimes it’s not my fault that I get sick. My doctor actually told me that I’m too careful – washing my hands and showering TOO much and actually killing germs that would help build my immune system but I can’t see ever not trying to stay clean and protect my health if I can. I try to be as proactive as possible about it.


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