OXO Candela Glow

As a BzzAgent, I get the opportunity to try out some nifty stuff! This time, I received a package of OXO Candela Glow rechargeable lights. Which is actually really cool, since I can’t have real candles in my dorm room. (Fire hazard, duh.) The set comes with two medium-sized LED lamps and a charging station.

The photos on the official website are actually an accurate representation of what these lights look like. :P The glow is soft, and gives a really romantic vibe to any dimly lit room or corner.

Personally, I keep them in a little shelf above my closet space. The glow really diffuses within the cubby hole, and gives my dorm room a really relaxed atmosphere. Which is awesome, since the overhead lights in my room aren’t the best quality and my built-in desk lamp is blindingly bright. Disregard the terrible picture quality below – my camera doesn’t work so well in the dark.

As far as the power goes, I accidentally left them on overnight and it took about 10 hours for them to go out. Not sure if they were fully charged when I turned them on, though, so they may actually be able to last even longer. :D My only issue with the product is that they cost $39.99 for a set of two. When I saw the price tag, I was really glad that I got these for free. If they were a cheaper, I’d totally tell you guys to go decorate your homes with them. Until next time! ^.^


4 responses to “OXO Candela Glow

  1. Wow I had no idea you were using them so much! One of these days I’ll cook for you and we will have a romantic “candle-lit” dinner ;-)

  2. improperintegirl

    I’m glad you got another campaign… I had to turn 2 down. I wasn’t interested in one, and for the other Zelda wouldn’t have been able to eat the dog food >.< I think those faux candles are awesome for decorating if they;re in a position where people won't be looking at them up close. I've seen them up close in restaurants, they tend to get dusty and not look so cool because they obviously look fake. But they look awesome on your shelf because of the lighting effects.. and I agree that they are way too expensive XD

    • Yeah, I’ve turned down like three or four campaigns in the past month. Mostly because none of them were very relevant to my interests or lifestyle. :X The restaurant I worked at this summer had electric candles, but they didn’t glow as nicely as these. :D And personally, I think these should only cost like $10-$15 per 2 candles.

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