Retail Therapy ♥

When it’s “that time of the month”, I get these ridiculous mood swings. So in order to keep my PMS-monster in check, I usually go out and buy myself something nice. :P I’ve been meaning to buy new bras for a while now, and after such a good experience at Aerie last semester.. I decided to go there again. : ) Their bras are a bit pricey – but since they were having a BOGO 50% sale, I think it was worth it.

I was actually really impressed with their fitting room system! They had a whole drawer filled with every style they carried. Because it was relatively empty in the store, I was actually able to take an entire tray of 34C bras with me into the changing room and try them all on. I ended up buying their Ella Gel Pushup Bra in True Black and Abigail Convertible Bra in Dark Nude.

The weather has been getting chillier here as of late, too. Unfortunately, the majority of my Fall/Winter clothing is still at home. So I went out and bought two pairs of denim leggings. For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you understand my obsession with jeggings. Not only do they make my legs looks slimmer and longer, but they don’t stretch out at the end of the day! :D

PacSun wins major points with me for not having obnoxious designs or embroidery on the back pockets like other stores do. I find most of their denim to be super comfortable and more flattering to my short legs than other brands, too! I’m definitely addicted to their jeans, as these are probably my 7th and 8th pair in the past two years. :P Of course, since my dramatic weight loss, only two of them fit me anymore. >.<;

I went with their Bullhead Black denim leggings in Luna Indigo and Starry Black, because you can never have too many dark washes. <3 Individually, each pair usaully costs between $35-$40, but they had a sale going on! I had a 15% off coupon, as well, so I only ended up paying $42 for the both of them. :D

While I was at the mall, I also bought a basic red v-neck tee at H&M. I only got it because I’m performing a flash mob dance to Lady Gaga’s ‘Hair’ this Friday night! But I don’t think it’s significant enough to post  a photo of. :P So instead, I’ll just leave you guys with an embarrassingly bad photo of me in front of a corny edited background. For the lulz, of course. ; )

Officially the worst Photoshop job ever. :P Until next time! ^.^


6 responses to “Retail Therapy ♥

  1. You know, I hate the mall passionately – but this was a good trip. You got some stuff that will hopefully make you happy, and I got a sweatshirt! Oh, and we ate delicious burger :-) If all our mall trips were like that (without the highschoolers also) I’d be ok with them ;-)

    • Your new hoodie looks SO GOOD on you. :D Trips to the mall are so much better on a weekday night, since it’s not crowded at all. And yeah, that was probably one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. >.<;

  2. Great photos, they really serve to illustrate your points well. It just goes to show that fashion is in the eye of the beholder. Whilst I liked certain aspects on the design, some I would not wear.

  3. felicia pacheco

    I really love the look of skinny jeans, I’m loving pac sun, I love bulkhead jeans, they are extremely comfortable, yet flattering, I’m a petite 5’8 urban / fashionista , and am 38 years old and feel absolutely sexy in skinnies!

    • Same here! PacSun skinny jeans and denim leggings match with everything I own. :) And I find it great that you continue to be fashionable at your age! Many women I know stop caring about the way they dress after their late twenties. :'(

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