The White Panda

Last Friday night, the Undergraduate Student Government of Stony Brook University was able to sponsor a free concert performed by The White Panda on my campus. : ) They’re a mash-up duo that remixes rap with pop songs, and transforms them into some pretty great dance club music. At first, I wasn’t going to attend – but after checking out some of their stuff on YouTube,  I was definitely pumped to go. :P

Since I love being all the way up front at concerts, my friends and I arrived at the location an hour early. It’s a good thing we did, too, since the line outside got pretty crazy soon after. I thought it was pretty cool that they were giving out panda masks to everyone. :P The doors finally opened at 8:30pm, and we got a great spot behind the metal barrier. Unfortunately, they didn’t get on stage until 45 minutes later. By that time, we had already moved slightly further back because people were pushing and shoving to the foreplay music. XD

Stonybrook students partying it up. ; )

When The White Panda finally came on, it was definitely a good time. I’m usually not the type to dance, but I definitely went all out and had a blast. Even though there were over 600 students in the crowd, I was glad to see a ton of people I knew. What made the experience even better was when I actually recognized the songs being played, which was definitely a surprise because I never listen to the radio!

Most of the tracks played came off their Pandamonium album, which I familarized myself with during the week beforehand. It’s available to download from their official site! I definitely recommend adding them to your music libary. : ) The ones that I would suggest listening to first are Stereo Hands, We Are Superstars, Why a G6, and Party Louder Bitch. Check them out! Going to this event has open my eyes to become more involved in campus events. :P


5 responses to “The White Panda

  1. White Panda had a DJ set @ Stony? Uber jeally! That’s awesome! They must have been fantastic live!

  2. Ah! Have fun. :D Who are you seeing?

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