Garnier Nutrisse: 434 Deep Chestnut Brown (Chocolate Chestnut)

Since my hair had been getting more and more orange over the past few weeks, I decided to color over it with something much darker in order to mask the damage and uneven tones. Because I’ve always longed for chocolate brown hair, I bought a box of Garnier Nutrisse in Chocolate Chestnut the other day at Target.

I firmly believe that change is good, so I was more than pleased with the rich dark shade that resulted. : ) Excuse my messy hair in the second photo – I took it at the end of the day. My only issue now is that I need to buy a darker eyebrow pencil. >.<;

And if you guys noticed my top in the “after” photo, that’s the new sheer lace dress that I bought at H&M! Although I found it in the lingerie section, I plan on layering under and over it for this Fall. :P I can just imagine myself tucking it into skinny jeans, pairing it with a black bra and blazer, and finishing off the look with knee-high boots. ; ) For the sake of showing off the pattern, here’s a racy (but tasteful) photo.

While at H&M, I also found the most darling dress! I can’t wait to wear it with tights and a cardigan once the weather starts cooling down. :D For now, I’m planning on wearing it to a concert at the end of this week!

If the dress had come in different patterns and colors, I would have definitely purchased them all in my size! $17 is definitely a steal for this. And who can resist this adorable key and heart locket pattern? =)

Anyway, that’s all I have for today. Until next time! ^.^


4 responses to “Garnier Nutrisse: 434 Deep Chestnut Brown (Chocolate Chestnut)

  1. You have such a unique style and you definitely know what you like. That’s great for me because it makes it easy to pick outfits for you ;-) Also I definitely like darker hair on you. You should try dying your hair in a gradient as the year goes on – darkest in December, Lightest in June!

  2. Ooo I’m liking the new hair color. And that lace thing too. Pretty resourceful buying a lingerie item. I really like the way black floral laces look. One of my favorite shirts has these cools swooshy sleeves made from black lace that I absolutely love.

    On a side note, I’m sorry if you have been getting crazy notifications from me! Apparently I somehow unsubbed to your site and didn’t see your updates. So in my attempts to resub, WordPress got all wonky on me.

    • Thanks. :) I’m trying to explore with more risque pieces of clothing. I loveee black lace to death, so it just made sense to me in the store! Lol. And don’t worry about it, I haven’t been getting that many notifications. :P Hope you’re doing well! :D

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