Hello Kitty Watch: Acquired

After spending the entire summer apart, save for that one weekend he visited, my boyfriend and I were reunited a few days ago. : ) Being the generous and thoughtful person that I love, he brought me a late birthday gift! :D

If it isn’t apparent enough from my previous posts, let me tell you about one of my obsessions: HELLO KITTY. I had mentioned a few weeks ago that I wanted to buy a nice HK watch online, but Michael surprised me by beating me to it. :P

I absolutely love it! The band is super thin and wraps around twice, making my tiny wrists look even daintier. It matches with everything I own, so I plan to wear it every day. <33 Furthermore, Michael also bought me a pre-paid card for League of Legends (which I’ll write about in another post) – which redeems me a large amount of Riot Points in the game. :D

I immediately spent a good chunk of it on a super sexy skin for Katarina, the character I main with, among some of the more expensive champions. Check out this incredible splash art of her! Of course, it’s now my new desktop background.

Click to enlarge!

But that wasn’t the end of it! He also gave me this super cute unicorn plush. :’)

To top it off, he also treated me out to dinner that night. I completely approve of the 2 for 1 frozen mango margaritas at Chili’s, btw. :D So tasty and fruity!

On a completely different note, my mom sent me a package in the mail – which contained some goodies that she bought during her trip to Vermont. Being the home of Ben & Jerry’s, it was only fitting to get me their flavored lip balm and gummy pandas! ; )

Well, that’s all I have for now. Until next time! ^.^


5 responses to “Hello Kitty Watch: Acquired

  1. And here I was beginning to think you had forgotten! I’m glad you liked everything, and I’m relieved you didn’t get upset with me over the LoL giftcard xD.It’s going to take a lot of restraint to not spend more money on Riot Points!

    Also, you haven’t blogged about LoL yet? It’s such a big part of your life though!

  2. improperintegirl

    That watch is super adorable!! I wish I had thought of having the wrist band wrap around the watch twice… it’s really unique!
    And those fruity girl drinks look awesome. I want one.. if only they weren’t so damn expensive!!

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