Little Deaths

Hey, guys! Hope you didn’t miss me too much. : ) I’ve been incredibly busy and exhausted with RA Training this entire week. Thankfully, it’s move-in weekend and I finally have some free time to post! Anyway, I just wanted to write a quick review on a British horror film that I watched a few weeks ago.

Little Deaths is described as being “Composed of three disturbingly sensual and terrifying short narratives, unified by the twin themes of sex and death.” They had that right! I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say that the movie doesn’t rely on over-the-top violence and gore to scare the audience like many recent American films have. In fact, each of the three separate stories cuts off at the perfect point in the storyline – giving you enough context to know the ultimate fate of the main character(s), but early enough to leave you unsettled with an uncomfortable feeling of disbelief. No cheap thrills here. :P

Speaking of horror, I forgot to tell you guys about the e-book that I downloaded and read recently: Hi I’m a Social Disease by Andersen Prunty. It took some time before I became comfortable with his writing style, which is incredibly in-your-face. The book is a collection of seven different short stories, of which I admit to only enjoying one. The other six were well-written, but I’m just not a fan of too much detail with not enough background. I give the author credit for all the shocking plot twists, though. Despite not feeling much closure in this book, I’d be willing to read more of his work. I prefer novels to short stories anyway, which the majority of his other titles are. :P

On a final note, check out my first bulletin board of the Fall semester – it looks like confetti exploded all over it. :D The theme was simple this month, I just posted tips for new college students relevant to campus life. Until next time! ^.^


4 responses to “Little Deaths

  1. improperintegirl

    So if it doesn’t rely on excessive gore, does it contain gratuitous sex? I might consider watching it (because I do like decent horror movies) so long as the sex in it isn’t blown way out of proportion and totally exploiting all of the actresses.

  2. Aww I love your bulletin board! :D and I’m definitely not a big horror movie fan ;X especially all of the more recent American ones like Saw which are nothing but gore from what I understand, but the movie you were reviewing definitely sounds interesting..maybe something to watch on Halloween? :P lol

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