Retro Camera

Hey, guys! Remember when I told you about my new HTC Evo? Unfortunately, Android doesn’t carry my favorite photography app Instagram. But I did find a suitable replacement! It’s called Retro Camera – a free and easy-to-use app that recreates vintage photography. Here are some artsy fartsy pictures I took while I was at The Strand Bookstore in Manhattan last week! : )

The free version features six different “cameras” – The Bärbol, Little Orange Box, Xolaroid 2000, Pinhole Camera, Fudgecan, and Hipsteroku. Each has their own unique levels of saturation, color leaks, contrast, and film. My personal favorites are the Xolaroid 2000 and Hipsteroku cameras, since the former mimics polaroid photography and the latter simulates lomography. Each camera takes great shots, though. Here are some more pictures that I took over the past few days at RA training. :P

Clearly, I have the coolest bicycle on campus.

Although I haven’t gotten around to decorating yet, this should suffice for now.

One of the dozens of geese that flock near the pond.

A super adorable glass that I bought at Target the other day.

As you can see, this app is pretty awesome. Enough said. : ) I’m quite fond of the capability to turn off the default “frames”, though, especially since some of them are less than pleasing to the eye. I definitely prefer this over Instagram any day! I’m just slightly disappointed that you can only take square photos, as opposed to rectangular ones. Until next time! ^.^


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