Early 21st Birthday Celebration!! :D

Hey, guys! I apologize for the hiatus – I’ve been busy with my last days of work, and squeezing in more time spent with friends. I leave for school tomorrow morning, and probably won’t get the chance to see them again until January. :< Anyway.. I just wanted to make a quick, photo-heavy post on how I celebrated my 21st birthday a week in advance with my family yesterday. : )

Of course, I had to get dolled up for the occasion. :P

We all had dinner at Century Super Buffet in Queens Village, which is conveniently close to where I live. I haven’t eaten there in years, but was not disappointed when I had my fill of COCONUT SHRIMP (<3) and other various Chinese dishes. The only thing that was lacking were their selection of sushi.

I was too busy stuffing my face to take a picture of my actual plate(s).

Afterwards, my friends took me out for a “special surprise”. The original plan was to go bowling, but instead we headed out to a coffee house in West Hempstead called The Witches Brew. The atmosphere and decor was amazing! We were seated in a dimly lit, semi-private area with swanky couches and other awesome furnishing. ; )

The whole coffee shop had a dark, gothic, and antique feel to it – definitely my type of place. My friends jokingly told me that this is where all the local hipsters hang out. :P The menus looked pretty cool, too, and had really creative names for many of their drinks and desserts.

I ended up ordering a peach smoothie, since I was still full from the buffet. SO GOOD. It was a heavenly blend of flavored syrup, vanilla ice cream, crushed ice, and whipped cream. <3 It completely convinced me to come back here again. ;D

I really had a great time last night. : ) There were too many photos taken to post onto here, though. But if you’re interested, click on this link to check out the Facebook album where I uploaded them all! :D

And now, for the inevitable photodump of birthday presents. ; ) My family and friends are so generous! :o I couldn’t take a picture of them all, but here are some of my favorites:

To be honest, I definitely think that running this blog has made a major impact on what people decide to give me as a gift. For example, no one would have ever thought that I would be into cosmetics two years ago! I guess this just means that I’m becoming more comfortable and outspoken with my personal taste and style. : ) Until next time! ^.^


6 responses to “Early 21st Birthday Celebration!! :D

  1. Now I feel like an ass for not getting you an actual gift. :'(

  2. Happy Early Birthday! Looks like you had a ton of fun & good food! Rawr. I hate how hard it is to come home & see everything in between school & work madness. I agree quite a bit with your last remark about blogging; it can make quite a difference in how people perceive the writer XD

    Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation!

  3. improperintegirl

    You look so pretty in that picture you posted!!! I’m glad you had fun!!!

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