Garnier Nutrisse: B3 Golden Brown (Cafe con Leche)

Since my last hair dye post, the red color has faded a ton on the previously bleached parts of my hair. It was still going strong on the healthier sections, though! Unfortunately, I hated how uneven and dull it looked – so I decided to color over it with Garnier Nutrisse in B3 Golden Brown, Cafe con Leche. :D

I left the dye in for about 40 minutes before washing it out, but I’m still unsure about whether I like the results. Instead of coloring over my dull red hair with brown, it made the shade more vivid instead! The fresh roots turned a light golden brown, and the length of my hair now looks like it’s been highlighted with golden tones. In direct sunlight, the color reminds me of orange marmalade. :o

It doesn’t look much different from before, but my hair is definitely lighter now and more multi-dimensional. I haven’t highlighted my hair since high school, so I was pleasantly surprised with how it now has that effect. And as always, my hair came out really shiny. :D Indoors, this is what my new color looks like.

My creepy deer-in-headlights look. :P

I really liked my curls this morning, but it was raining all afternoon. So by the time my best friend John took me out to dinner at Outback Steakhouse as an early birthday present, my hair was already flat and ruined. >.<;

Next time, I kind of want to dye it  black and leave it that way until next Summer. It’ll be easier to maintain, and help my damaged hair grow out unnoticeably. What do you guys think: Is it time for me to settle down with my natural color? On a final note, I’ll leave you guys with a photograph that I took at Fort Totten today. I love sunsets. <3 Until next time! ^.^


4 responses to “Garnier Nutrisse: B3 Golden Brown (Cafe con Leche)

  1. i have a question!
    did your hair fade into orange? or what colour?
    you look amazing btw :)

    • Thank you! And yes, like with most hair dyes that have a red undertone, it fades into a slightly orange brown after about a month. Results may vary according to your hair type and the frequency of which you wash your hair, though.

  2. beautiful hair color! love it! <3

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