This heatwave is ridiculous.

For the past several days, the heat in New York has been killing me. Today, it was over 103 degrees! :'( So imagine my relief when I was given the night off from work. :D But this extreme humidity has been wrecking my dry hair. My new conditioner has been treating it kindly, though!

Dove’s Cool Moisture Damage Therapy Conditioner makes my hair smell like cucumber and green tea. <3 I know the photo above depicts the shampoo, but the bottle for the conditioner looks the same. :P Not only does it keep my hair moisturized, but it detangles amazingly. For some reason, my hair becomes resistant to the effects of shampoos and conditioners when I use the same brand for too long – so I like to switch it up pretty often. This one hasn’t been disappointing. I also like the Dove brand because they’re very pro-positive body image. : )

Anyway, I spent my day off hanging out with my best friend John and watching him play Uncharted 2. : ) From what I’ve seen, it’s a really awesome game. It strikes me as an uncanny cross between the National Treasure film series, Assassin’s Creed, and Metal Gear Solid. :P I’m still unsure of whether I want to buy a PS3, especially since I’m going back to school in three or four weeks. It’s incredibly tempting to get back into gaming, though. >.<;

In other news, I’ve also been spending my free time watching the X-Men cartoon series from the 90’s with my brother! It really brings back a lot of childhood memories. Rogue was my favorite. <3 I appreciate how she was depicted in the animated series, since they really downplayed her abilities and character in the more recent X-Men films.

All the episodes are available to stream on the official Marvel website, which is pretty convenient. I usually turn to SideReel for all my television needs, but lately there seems to be a lot of dead links. What websites do you guys use?


2 responses to “This heatwave is ridiculous.

  1. improperintegirl

    I had almost all of the symptoms/warning signs of heat stroke yesterday at work. Despite being in a movie theater, the AC just doesn’t reach the box office with people constantly opening doors. I want to call in sick today and tomorrow but I know I can really only pick one. I mean, if I’m forced to boil inside a building I’d rather do it at home where I have the option of dowsing myself in cold water if I choose >.< I want to report it as a safety hazard to the managers but I feel like they wont take it seriously because I seemed to be affected worse than everyone else for some reason :(

    But I'm assuming they gave you off because no one wants to eat outside in this horrible weather.

    And I think they also have the X-men cartoons available for streaming on netflix if you have it

    • I’m sorry to hear! It never even occurred to me that the conditions that I work in could be a health hazard. I work outside all afternoon and night, two feet away from the REALLY hot kitchen. But we can keep ourselves hydrated all day long with the unlimited water/soda tap behind the counter. And yeah, the heat has been killing business lately. :l

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