I really want a Hello Kitty watch.

The other night, my friend Mia reminded me of my old silver GUESS watch that I misplaced a couple years ago. Determined to find it, I searched my house – and in the process, also found a super adorable gold Winnie the Pooh watch by Disney. Although the first is still perfectly functional, the latter is beyond repair. :'( Which is a shame because I liked it better!

I’ve been meaning to start wearing a watch again, mostly for two reasons..

1) So I can actually know when to take my break or clock out when I’m at work. It’s kind of annoying to keep asking your coworkers for the time. >.<; I’m not allowed to have my cellphone on me during my shift – but even if I was, constantly checking the time can drain my precious battery life. :P Even outside of work, knowing the time is always useful.

2)  Now that I’m going into my senior year of college, I figured I should start dressing more professionally – one accessory at a time. : ) I do believe that I dress my age, but aiming to look a little older wouldn’t hurt. Especially since I get mistaken for a high schooler more often than you would think! ._.

I know that it’s counterintuitive to want a Hello Kitty watch, and expect to be seen as more mature, but I’ve found ways around this. For example, I think the watch straps pictured above are incredibly cute. In fact, I can absolutely see myself wearing all of them. But if there’s anything I want to avoid, it’s exactly this: juvenile-looking designs. What this means? I’m looking for a watch with either a stainless steel strap, or at least a solid-colored one.Although this one is more acceptable, I still take issue with the fact that the strap wraps around your wrist twice. The modest analog clock on this one is perfect, though. Do want! :D But right now, I’m torn between ordering this one..

..and this one:

I found both on eBay, and are thus incredibly cheap – both in price and quality. I don’t think I mind, though. I just want a cute watch that will last me until I decide to buy a nicer one. What do you guys think – should I risk ordering one of these online, or spend the extra $20-$40 on something else?


9 responses to “I really want a Hello Kitty watch.

  1. The white one is lovely, and you can always have a jeweler replace the strap :)
    If not, the black is always acceptable, though the black leather looks a little masculine.

  2. And how is the gold beyond repair? I’d wear that one if I were you. :)

    • I really like the gold one, too! But my mom brought it to a jeweler, and they said that merely replacing the battery won’t fix it. And since getting it repaired might ultimately cost more than the watch itself, I’d rather just buy a new one. x_x

  3. I feel your pain! I’m always in need of a watch; tis why I got my TokiDoki one a while back. I absolutely love your Pooh Bear watch :(! Shame it cant be repaired by a watcher repairer.

    I would say buy a hello kitty watch now-ish. Once you are in the working world officially you can worry about a more professional looking watch (though at the hospitals & where I intern now I see lots of really bright orange and purple watches which dont seem juvenile at all). I personally like the last hello kitty watch with the black band; reminds me of the classic disney watches they used to sell as collectors items haha.


    • Thank you! :) I was so heartbroken when I heard that it couldn’t be repaired. D; And true, I can always get a nicer watch for the future. I’m just worried about ordering something cheap-ish from eBay, in case I open the package and realize that it looks nothing like the photos. XD

      • improperintegirl

        I’ve ordered 2 watches on e-bay before, both were fine. Although I cracked the glass on one of them after I had it for a while. Just make sure the seller has good reviews and you should be fin.

  4. improperintegirl

    I like the second watch better.. because of the angle of hello kitty’s face it looks like she’s sneaking up on you which I love!! And I agree with Mia, I can’t really see how the gold is messed up on your pooh bear watch, which is very cute btw.

    • I’m starting to like the second one better, too! And the gold watch is messed up because my mom took it to get the battery replaced, only for the jewelers to tell her that nothing can be done to repair it. ;_; I can always try going in to get a second opinion someplace else, though.

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