Pier i Café

I finally have a summer job! An acquaintance from high school put in a good word for me at Pier i Café, and now I work as a server there. :P It’s a casual outdoor restaurant on W 70th st. & Riverside Blvd. in Manhattan – right on the water with a lovely view! :D

I’m starting at $10/hr with 20 hours a week, which isn’t too bad. Depending on how well I do, they said I would receive more hours before I go back to school again. The environment is incredibly fast-paced, and the job can get hectic and stressful sometimes – but at least I’m getting work experience and money. My only complaints would be the 2-hour commute each way, and the inevitable rude customer from time to time.

With that said, I decided to treat myself out to something nice at Roosevelt Field Mall. ; ) I bought a black lace dress at Forever 21 for $24. Most of my old party dresses are too big on me now, and this one suits just about every formal occasion that I could be attending in the near future! Unfortunately, the pattern on the lace doesn’t photograph too well. It looks lovely IRL, though. : )

And I also got myself a pair of black Reebok athletic shorts at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $12. Because I wear a uniform that covers most of my body at work, what I wear underneath doesn’t really matter – as long as it’s not too revealing. Since we work outside, I may as well keep myself cool with cotton shorts and tanktops. Besides, this pair is soooo comfortable and soft! <3


7 responses to “Pier i Café

  1. The cafe looks nice! People pay top dollar for that kind of setting, even if the food is just Meh :-)

    Also I love that dress. I hope I get to see you wearing it sometime soon! Do you have some kind of cover that would go nicely with it too?

    • Nah – I like strapless dresses. I may have a cover or two in my closet, though. And those photos are outdated! The cafe has expanded a whole lot more since they were taken. :) I’ll text you pics tomorrow.

  2. Oooo working at a cafe in the Big Apple sounds super cool (though tons of work I would imagine O.o). Best of luck! I’m sure you’ll be used to the pace, stress, and environment soon enough. I’m sorry about the 2 hr commute. I hate traveling on public transportation sometimes >.> What do you do to pass the time usually? Just listen to music?

    • Thank you! Hopefully, my back and thighs won’t hurt anymore after I get used to it all. XD And yes, I spend the commute sampling new music that I never had the time to listen to before. :)

  3. improperintegirl

    I feel compelled to stalk you at work now! $12/hr is more than servers usually get paid, I’ve heard from friends that they pay below minimum wage because tips are supposed to make up for it, it’s a legal loophole.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t get tips! I only serve food at a counter, since the place is too casual for real waitressing, after I put together their orders. :P The food is alright, but the view is worthwhile! They have movie night on the pier every Wednesday, I believe. :)

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