Dinner Cruise! :D

The other night, my mom invited me to a party with some of her coworkers that took place on a yacht that sailed up and down New York Harbor and the Hudson River. Although I had been on a Caribbean cruise ship with my family two summers ago, this was my very first dinner cruise! ; )

Of course, I have to show you guys what I ate at their buffet. :P My favorites from the photo above were the dumplings and mini egg rolls! I would have enjoyed the paella a whole lot more, though, if there wasn’t pineapple in it. I now regret not taking a photo of the shrimp cocktail, too – each individual shrimp was as large as my palm! :o

The plate above might look a little plain, but maybe that’s because I opted out of pouring gravy all over my turkey and sirloin beef. :P This experience has completely changed my mind into ordering steak medium instead of well-done, though. So tender, juicy, and delicious!

Anyway, since it was a 4-hour cruise, we had plenty of time to take photos outside with the lovely night scenery. I have no idea what bridge this is, but it looked really pretty. : ) Excuse my crazy, wind-blown hair!

Here’s my mom posing on deck with the NYC skyline.

An artsy-fartsy photo I took halfway through the cruise.

The main attraction that our boat passed by was the Statue of Liberty. Nothing special for a New Yorker, but the view was something tourists would definitely love. I wouldn’t mind going on another one of these again, but only if I were a little older. I was probably the youngest out of the 200 people present – and what’s the point of an open bar if I can’t even order a drink? :P

Unfortunately, one-night escapades like these cost about $100 per person. I’m just grateful that I was able to experience this for free! But if any of you guys are interested in doing something special for your anniversary with your sweetheart, this is definitely a romantic setting worth looking into. Who says that only Paris is for lovers? New York City has plenty to offer, too.


4 responses to “Dinner Cruise! :D

  1. improperintegirl

    I had been looking into those with me and Scott in mind… but I’d been reluctant because of the pricing and the fact that I’d feel annoying asking my parents to give us a ride home at the end of the night if the harbor is far from a train station >.> But now that all of that food looks delicious and it seems like you had a lot of fun I’ll have to start looking into them again!

    • Ah! You should definitely do it. :D I’m sure you can find discounts if you bring other people along, too. When is your anniversary? I don’t think the cruises run during the winter.

  2. This looks like loads of fun! Lucky you that you got to do it for free.

    Just out of curiosity, were you hinting at something with your comment about a nice anniversary date ;-)

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