Nose Studs: yay or nay?

Recently, I’ve been putting a lot of thought and consideration into getting a nose piercing. Nothing crazy – just a small stud. I’ve come to realize that the trend has become more mainstream and acceptable in a professional environment.

Photo Credit: Sparlingo

I also think it looks downright gorgeous and sexy, especially on ethnic women. I live in a predominantly Indian neighborhood, where nose studs are quite common. Compared to ten years ago, nose piercings are no longer associated with an “extreme” or “alternative” lifestyle (such as punk or goth) and are therefore not judged or scrutinized in the workplace as much as they used to be. In fact, I’ve read plenty of articles pertaining to how many employers no longer enforce the rule that women must remove their nose jewelry during work hours.

Now that I’m confident that getting a modest nose stud will not hurt my future career opportunities, my only concerns lie in the actual piercing process. Everyone’s bodies differ, and based on my experiences with getting cartilage piercings, I’m afraid of developing an infection or keloid. I’m also quite self-conscious of how it would look on my face. What I mean is, would it be charming or harsh? You guys decide. :P

On a final note, I would just like share a message from my friends at Blue Sky Scrubs. They specialize in medical uniforms, such as lab coats and scrubs. I’ve spent enough time at my university’s hospital to know that there usually isn’t much variety to health care uniforms. And although I’m not a nursing student anymore, it’s nice to see uniform manufacturers provide more aesthetic options to the medical workforce. Check out for more information. Until next time! ^.^


18 responses to “Nose Studs: yay or nay?

  1. improperintegirl

    I like nose rings when they’re accompanied with Indian jewelry and clothing. I’m not so crazy about them being mainstream. But I totally agree with you on the piercing process part. Another thing I’ve always wondered is what do people with nose piercing do when they have colds or allergies and get runny noses? Would the piercing make it worse or more annoying to deal with? I’ve also head stories of people sneezing them out.

    • I agree, nose rings look amazing with Indian clothing and jewelry! I’m still going to take the time to think this over, though, before I make a decision. And I’ve wondered those, too! One friend of mine who has a nose stud says it doesn’t bother her at all. And that she’s so used to it, she doesn’t even notice that it’s there. XD

  2. Have you tried just photoshopping one onto yourself? Try a few different angles. I could even do it for you if you want. But you need to send me pictures first :-)

    • How about you take your favorite photos of me from my Facebook and photoshop them for me? ;D I was thinking of getting one on my left nostril, since I part my hair to the right.

  3. I’m not personally into piercings myself (especially for my nose because I think mine is too squishy for it haha), but I love simple stud nose piercings. They look simple and sophisticated in their own way. And as for career opportunities, if your future employer has a problem with it, you can always take it out unlike a tattoo :)

    • I’m worried that getting a nose stud might make my nose look wider than it already is! >.<; But I do agree with you that they look sophisticated, especially when compared to other types of nose piercings. I'm still on the fence about it, though. XD

  4. I think it would look cute on you. A tiny cute stud. I need an another piercing. I’m thinking of getting my nips done. Haha. Call me crazy.

    • Aww, thanks! And nipple piercings aren’t crazy at all. :P I know plenty of girls who’ve had them done. As long as you’re cool with the pain, and not having to wear a bra for as long as needed, I say go for it. :D

  5. I have gotten a nose stud and it was annoying but i love the way it looked. I miss it but my skin rejected or it was infected either way i gave up. I have a habit of touching my nose a lot, and having that piercing was annoying especially when sneezing into a kleenex. If you do get a nose piercing, get it pierced with a needle and not so high/middle of the nostril. And curved nose studs are better because it doesn’t poke you like regular studs. You have to take care of it a lot by cleaning and sterling, that was really annoying.

    • Thanks for the info! I’ll keep that all in mind. :) I’m pretty much sick all winter every year, so perhaps it’s not the best decision when I think about it in that aspect. XD

  6. I’ve contemplated getting a nose piercing before, but Jonathan just freaks out at the idea lol tattoos and piercings are pretty much his biggest pet peeve, but I still plan on getting an industrial bar at some point :P I think the nose piercing would look nice on you :) I used to be friends with a girl who had one and she took it out to show me once. It kind of screws in with a hook at the end, and she said she couldn’t even feel it. If its something you want then I say go for it :D

    • I loveee the look of the industrial bar! Bu since I always wear my hair down, I don’t see the point of getting any more than the six ear piercings that I already have. XD You would totally rock it, though!

  7. I had a nose stud for a year or so but the aesthetic appeal totally wasn’t worth my nose’s utter rejection of this foreign yet lovely body. There was much itching and awkward nose scratching in public -_-. Eventually I just gave up and let it go back to it’s unholey self. I’m sure one would look lovely on you but it’s good to take a moment and contemplate how your body generally reacts to piercings.

    • Haha, “unholey”! :P My body has never rejected a piercing – I just tend to play with them too much, resulting in a longer healing time. I’m afraid it’ll fall out all the time! XD

  8. Okay, so this was all a few months ago, and I’m just reading it all now. Haha. I got my nose pierced, on Friday (two days ago) I went to a hair salon, piercing .. place. They did not use a needle, like they did a few years ago, they actually used a piercing gun. (Basically the same as they use with your ears, as far as I can remember) It stings for about a minute or two, then your nose is a little fragile, sore for a few hours .. to about a day. I got earring spray (which works for nose and other piercing’s too). in about a week, I’m going back to them to change the stud and get the end curved/ bent so that it stays in (without it just sticking in like an earring stud without it’s backing). I’m a fragile person, and in general not all that pain tolerant. My nose is completely fine, not infected, red or in pain, I sprayed the spray on my nose when I’d go to wash my hands from the toilet, that worked really well, helping the process quicker. I don’t know if it’s just me, but my nose piercing is great, only small but perfect. I was afraid of it falling out while I was sleeping, getting caught in my bed sheets, or even my bath towel, you just have to be careful with that. But other than that I am really happy with it! And only after two days. haha (; I hope this has helped!

  9. I also like the look of a cute nose stud and have been contemplating it. How did you go? Did you get your nose stud? Or did you get something pierced/tattooed instead? :-)))

    Ciao, Lisian x

    PS> Love your blog! :-)

  10. I know you wrote this a while back but I just HAD to comment…you should definitely get a nose stud! I love them…I got my nose pierced twice, actually cause the first time, I got it done on the right side, even though I, too, part my hair to the right & it was pierced w/ a needle (don’t get it done w/ a gun cause that’s just not right), then the piercer put a ball nose screw in but I accidentally knocked it out & I pushed it back in but it started to get a bump, so I thought it was like seriously infected, so I just took it out because I didn’t buy the H20cean spray OR mix a tbsp. of non-iodized sea salt w/ 8oz. boiling purified water & spray it on a few times a day after washing it w/ the dial gold anti-bacterial liquid hand soap; I just washed it cause that’s what you’re supposed to do. so I took it out & it closes up pretty quickly, then I started to miss it, tried to get my nose screw back in but it wouldn’t go. that was like a year ago, though, & I just got it re-pierced on the left side w/ a little gem nose screw that lays flatter than the ball nose screw, which is probably better cause it won’t be as easy to knock out. if you do decide to get your nose pierced (or anything), buy the H20cean tattoo & piercing spray cause it’s the best thing for a new piercing & spray it on at least 3 times a day after washing the piercing, at least 3 times a day.

  11. I love piercings in general, however I do feel compelled to say that nose studs never fail to remind me of pimples . If you’ve pierced your nose, give yourself a ring, skull, chain, anything but a stud.

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