My first experiences with fake nails.

About two months ago, while I was browsing the nail care section of Target, I came across this super cute set of press-on Hello Kitty nails! As I must have mentioned several times before this post, I have a really bad nail-biting problem. The only thing that has effectively stopped me is painting them. I thought fake nails would help me out even more with this bad habit. :P

So after buying them for only $3, I returned to my dorm room that day and promptly applied them with nail glue. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. Although the designs were super cute, the nails themselves didn’t fit me very well. They were also too long, but couldn’t be filed down without getting damaged. On top of that, they were shiny and plastic-looking. Needless to say, they got wrecked pretty easily by doing everyday things like organizing books and papers. :'(

The other day, though, I decided to give fake nails another chance and use a box of Kiss Everlasting French glue-on nails because I was going to a BBQ party the next evening. My mother had left them on my staircase for weeks, before I realized that she was never going to use them for herself. XD

I’m pretty sure a box of these run for about $6, which isn’t so bad because they last up to a week or two. Definitely cheaper than getting a manicure regularly (which I don’t do), and less of a hassle than growing your nails out and painting them. Inside the box was already included pink nail glue, rather than clear, for a more natural look. After applying them, I must admit that they could have passed for real nails. :P

I prefer round to square tips, though, since they give the illusion of longer and more slender fingers. So I filed them into a more flattering shape. No damage whatsoever! :D

I’m no pro at using nail glue, either, so I ended up with a few unsightly bubbles underneath. In an attempt to fix this, I tried painting over them with polish but only ended up ruining the nails. >.<; Total fail. This second experience was much better than my first one, though, and convinced me to consider trying fake nails again sometime soon. With the proper application technique, mind you, to avoid the mistakes I made here. :P

On a final note, I have a new blog signature. : ) Until next time! ^.^


2 responses to “My first experiences with fake nails.

  1. improperintegirl

    I’m thinking of trying fake nails, since my actual nails have gotten chippy/peely (I can only assume from work) and nail polish also chips off of them really fast because of it… I don’t want long nails but I want mine to get stronger. For now I’m going to just keep layering clear on them

    • They literally only take about 5-10 mins to apply! My only issue is that $6/box is still a little expensive for me. I’ll try searching eBay for fake nails that come in bulk, though! I know they have sets of 100 for really cheap. :P

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