Cheaper Alternative to Steve Madden

For months, I’ve been lusting over the Steve Madden BGracey tote. Not only did I feel the need to own a handbag in a color other than black for the summer, but I also found the large rosette design to be perfect for casual warm-weather excursions! Unfortunately, I didn’t want to spend the $54+ for it. :'(

When I found a similar satchel last month (in a soft pink) at Icing for $38, it reignited my desire for a bag in this style. Once again, though, it was still more than I would have liked to spend – so I moved on without it. But, as I was walking around Roosevelt Field Mall today with my brother and some family friends, I found the very same satchel at Icing (this time, in an off-white) on clearance for only FIVE DOLLARS. <3

To be honest, I would have preferred the light pink version of it – but you can’t argue with an item being on sale for 87% OFF. :D I admit that the material and design is far from the same quality as Steve Madden, but I’m willing to settle. :P The color has grey-blue undertones, depending on the lighting, but I’m still quite content. It’s large enough to fit whatever I usually carry (wallet, phone, keys, camera, iPod, makeup, etc.) and then some. The size is actually perfect for those days when I want to carry snacks and a bottle of water with me when I go out. XD

In other news, I found these two lovely planners at the Barnes & Noble across the street. I know that I’ve gone completely electronic when it comes to writing my weekly schedule, but pretty little books like these make me want to go back to penciling in all my events and to-do lists again. *le sigh*

On a final note, check out this photo I took inside of Dylan’s Candy Bar. Can you believe that these “rocks” are actually chocolates?! I couldn’t, either. :P


5 responses to “Cheaper Alternative to Steve Madden

  1. improperintegirl

    I love psycho clearance deals like that! A friend of mine actually got her prom dress for $8 due to it having been discounted 3 or 4 times. The amazing thing is that stores *still* make a profit on clearance items, they’re only as expensive as they are to make up for revenue lost to shoplifters.

    And I thought that those chocolate rocks were new gravel you bought for Denzen or something before you said what they were XD

    • It’s rare that I find ridiculous clearances like this, but when I do it makes me so happy! : ) And in the candy store, I was so tempted to just grab a few out of the container and eat them right there, just to prove to myself that they were edible. XD

  2. Yay I love clearance deals like that!! :D and the planners are really cute! I have a couple of cute notebooks that I have bought and never gotten to use yet because I don’t really know what to write in them :/ and I have the problem of thinking using them for school will somehow tarnish them lol :P

    • Haha, my bag collection isn’t nearly as fancy as yours. :P I’m actually thinking of selling some online that I don’t use anymore! And yes, I loveeee huge sales. :D And I’m the same way! I used to have all these pretty journal-type books, but never wrote in them because I thought it would ruin the niceness. >.<; Besides, my handwriting is awful. And now that I mention it, I don't even know where they are now. XD

      • Haha aww yeah I have too many bags they take up so much space on the back of my door lol but I have such a hard time parting with any of them :( and lol girl please your handwriting is nothing compared to mine :P but i have a habit of losing notebooks like that aswell XD

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