Garnier Nutrisse: R3 Light Intense Auburn

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When I was in late middle school and early high school, I was completely obsessed with having punky red hair. Unfortunately, my options were very limited at the time – so upon using box after box of supposedly “red” dyes, it never lifted my naturally dark hair to the shade I wanted. Thankfully, cosmetic technology has advanced since then!

I purchased a box of Garnier Nutrisse in R3 Light Intense Auburn from Rite Aid the other day, based solely on the packaging and my history with the brand. The shade isn’t listed on their website, and I probably should have read reviews first, but I decided to take the risk. :P

At first, I was really skeptical of the results shown on the side of the box, but I kept optimistic. : ) After preparing the dye, it turned the color that ketchup and mayonnaise would make after being mixed. Upon application, though, it turned bright red. I kept it in for about 30 minutes before rinsing – and let me tell you, it took SO LONG for the water to run clear in the shower. This stuff is ridiculously pigmented. I was a little worried that it didn’t come out even because some parts looked much darker than others while my hair was still wet.

I went through my normal hair routine this morning, though, and was completely satisfied. Not only were the results dramatic, but as you can see in the photos below, it even lifted my black roots! Additionally, what I love most about Garnier Nutrisse is that my hair always becomes super soft and shiny. <3

This dye really evened out my faded golden brown color from last month, too. It looks so fresh, and dare I say even healthier! :o I love how long my hair is getting, by the way. ; )

Here’s a photo that my brother took of me in direct sunlight. As you can see, the red looks nuclear outside. I can’t even express how happy I am with this color! Usually, with shades like this, you’d have to purchase from a brand that specializes in alternative hair colors like Special Effects or Manic Panic. I’m so glad that a dye like Light Intense Auburn is available at my local drug store, rather than Hot Topic. :P

Unfortunately, I’ve had enough experience with hair dye to know that reds never last. They fade incredibly quickly, even with the use of shampoos and conditioners that claim they protect colored hair. All I can do is enjoy this shade while it lasts, and hope it fades nicely. : ) Until next time! ^.^


74 responses to “Garnier Nutrisse: R3 Light Intense Auburn

  1. Gorgeous! :D I love the shade on you my dear, you look stunning!

  2. OMGSH! Your hair looks amaaaaazzzinnnnnggg. I feel like it makes your hair look super long and shiny.

    haha. ‘ve been dying to get my hair that red ever since I saw Kairi in Kingdom Hearts *geeky*

    • Thanks! :D I love the brand because I’m never disappointed. :P My inspiration was Katarina, my newest favorite character from this game I’ve been playing called League of Legends. I might do a cosplay for Halloween if I decide to keep the color! :P

      Photo for Reference:

  3. improperintegirl

    That shade looks awesome!! I hope it lasts a decent amount of time as far as reds go!

  4. is it permanent? x

  5. I use this brand on my own hair and i have to say, I think you will like the way it fades compared to other unnatural colors. This is just my own experience but it faded rather nicely for me. Enough for me to notice, but that is because I let the roots grow out to the point like your before picture. That’s when I finally noticed how it had faded.

  6. Hi!
    I really like how your hair color turned out! I love this brand & I’ve been wanting to dye my hair red. I have a question, was your hair naturally dark or did it have a bright color? Because my hair is dark & I really hope, it comes out red though. But i don’t know if i should dye mine with a bright color such as brown or gold brown. I don’t want to bleach mine so i don’t know if you could suggest anything(:

  7. how long did it take for the color to fade?

  8. if my hair is dark brown do you think 30 developer would lift it to that color red?

  9. so this works on dyed hair??? i have some blonde highlights on dyed darker hair……

    • It does work on dyed hair, but everyone is different. It doesn’t hurt to try it out. :P

    • LittleRedMonster

      I actually ended up with some strawberry blonde streaks from bleaching my extremely dark hair before dying it this color and it looks great. I’m on 2 weeks now and the color is still going bright and strong. But I do agree with the OP that it seems like this will fade into almost a pink rather than orange when it’s all said and done which may look pretty cute.

  10. Ive died my hair black..then that faided..then dark brown . Will this still work or should i bleach it light brown first ? or will that just kill my hair ?
    i realllly want it this color & ive heard great things about it :x

  11. I love the 1st picture of you outside!
    Your hair looks similar to colors I’ve used, except they were Special Effects. I do have to lighten my hair first because it’s naturally so dark brown it’s almost black but if I use dark reds they don’t fade to orange. They turn kind of pink instead.. which is annoying but better than orange lol

  12. i like the hair red its pretty sexy

  13. I’m using this right now! I’m pretty excited! I only saw your post after sticking it in my hair. I used some John Frieda cherry red brown earlier tonight and it was a no-go…too subtle and too dark. =)

  14. I’m using this tomorrow! I had dyed my hair semi-permanent red and my natural is a dark blonde but with all the blue and going back to light-ish brown, its now well.. medium brown with some semi permanent faded red. do you think it will come out as awesome as yours?

  15. how long did u leave it in?

  16. Hi Kristina,

    Your hair looks AMAZING! I wanted to know…if I have dark blonde highlights with a medium brown base color…would my highlights still be there? I’d love this color (red) to be my base color and for my highlights to still be visible. I know they won’t be the same but as long as you can see them. I know you used light intense auburn, I am planning on using medium intense auburn. Any suggestions?

    • Your highlights will definitely still be there if you color over it with a light enough dye – they will just come out brighter than your base color. At first, it won’t seem like it. But after two or three washes, you’ll start to see the difference. :) Personally, I would recommend this shade over medium intense auburn because the results will be much more significant. Good luck!

      • Thank you Kristina. Will my highlights become red though? I’d like the blonde to stay the same and just the base color to turn a deep red. What do you suggest? I am just a bit afraid that the blonde will turn pink.

  17. The blonde will turn a bright red than your base color. The dye will most likely fade your highlights to an orange-red rather than pink after a few weeks. :)

  18. Hi Kristina,

    I wanted to ask something. I recently colored my hair burgandy hoping it’ll come out red, sort of like yours, maybe a bit less bright but it didn’t. So I got garnier nutrisse’s light intense auburn. I am planning on coloring my hair tomorrow. Do you think it’ll show up? I am so eager to just go ahead and give it a shot. Thanks in advance for the reply. Take care.

    • It also depends on how light your natural hair color is, along with its texture. To be honest, it may not be light enough to come out as bright as mine did in these photos if you dyed it burgundy first. I’m sure the difference in shades will still be significant, but you really need a lighter base color (light brown, dark blonde, or blonde) before trying to achieve an intense red. Hope that helped, and good luck! :)

  19. Hey hun did you have to use two boxes since your hair is long? ? I am debating on whether or not I should get one or two boxes, because my hair is about as long as yours. . Mahalo! ! [:

  20. Kristina, how many boxes did you use on your hair to get the results of your last 2 pictures on the blog? Looks amazing :) and was that the result ONLY of using light intense auburn from garnier ?? thanks :)

  21. I am debating using this color, but I have one major concern– it is summer, I’ll be swimming a lot, and I have heard that this color bleeds every time it gets wet. I don’t want to ruin my bathing suit or my clothes. Has it bled in your experience? Thanks!

    • In my experience, the color only bled the first time I washed my hair after the initial dyeing and rinsing. I’m unsure about what chlorine would do if you went swimming in a pool, though. But good luck! :)

  22. You look amazing :) I love the color

  23. Love the results! I am wanting a similar color but dont want it to be a permanent dye. Did the dye eventually fade out complete? If so how long did it take?

  24. Betty_01122012_

    heyy i love your hair color its amazing im shocked!! :) but mine is bleached if i used a 40 will it turn out like you have it?? :)

  25. i just dyed my hair like this but only the top part of my hair turned out red, the bottom half is a very dark red… do you think its better if i bleach it ? or if i keep re-dying it this color to get it redder ?

  26. Hello I have a question is that I paint my hair color garnier of number 56 which is bleeding and I want to pull the color you have ultra r3 as I stay red or violet by

  27. Will this work for me if I dyed my hair black or will I have to use a color corrector to lighten it first?

    • Unfortunately, it’s incredibly difficult to dye over black hair with a lighter color. (Believe me, I know from personal experience. Lol.) You would have to lighten your hair to at least a medium or light brown in order for this dye to show. Good luck! :)

  28. hi i have pink bangs and black hair … u think i should bleach my hair blonde first …im useing a simlaer color mine is medium intense auburn
    my mom said i cant have pink hair for family pictuers lol ….but should i bleach it or not ??? i dont really know alot about dyeing hair

    • If you color your hair as it is now, the pink would turn red and the black would stay black. Bleaching your hair would only intensify the contrast in color between pink and black. If you’re concerned about doing it wrong or damaging your hair with bleach, then I recommend you getting your color corrected and evened out professionally at a salon. Good luck!

  29. Do you think I need to use two bottles of this if I have longer and thicker hair than you do? Also, is it possible that I get the same results as you did if I have dark brown hair but keep the color on for more than 30 minutes? Please answer, extremly important! Dying my hair in a couple of moths :D<3

    • You definitely need two boxes, since I almost ran out doing mine with only one. :X And unfortunately, you will not get the same results with dark brown hair, regardless of how long you leave it in. You’ll have to lighten it first. Good luck! :)

  30. Thanks for the answer but which color should I lighten my hair with? I reeeally don’t want to bleach it! :(

    • Unfortunately, there’s only so much regular hair dye can do to lighten your hair when it’s naturally dark. :( If you try to color your dark brown hair with a red dye, it will barely show up.

    • LittleRedMonster

      I have extremely dark hair too so I just used Feria’s Extra Bleach Blonde – intense 1-step lightening system with deep conditioning (205). I waited a couple weeks (you don’t have to, but I did only bc it was my first time dying and was scared!) and then dyed it Garnier Light Intense Auburn and it turned out just like the OP’s pic. It looks awesome and I love it. It’s been 2 weeks and it’s still going strong. It even lifted the black roots that were quickly coming in from bleaching it a couple weeks before.

  31. so im going to buy this hair dye tomorrow wish me luck my hairs black

  32. How many boxes did u use for ur hair? The color is really pretty :)

  33. I want to dye my hair this color i dont know if it will work my hair has been dyed twice black with 6 months

  34. Hii, do you have a photo of what it faded to? :D

  35. Hey. i just have a quick question. Ive been dying my hair for a couple of months now and everytime I dye it red, it comes out really dark every where but red on the top of my head. I have naturally blonde hair. Do you think that has something to do with it?

  36. What happenes if you Leave the Dye for an hour? Will it come out more lighter?

  37. if it fades pink-will you dye darker or dye this same red again?

    • Since I wrote this post two years ago, I can tell you for sure that my hair didn’t fade to pink. Nor did I use the same shade again immediately after it faded. If you did, though, I’m sure it would come out just as vibrant, depending on how light the pink is. Hope that helps!

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  39. It supports black hair with 30 peroxide to make the color burgundy ?

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