Trend Alert: Mint Green Nailpolish

Hey, guys! Sorry for the short break. My boyfriend is visiting New York this weekend, and I’ve been working to save up for a bunch of fun things to do with him. :P Anyway, how do you guys feel about mint green nail polish? To be honest, the trend never occurred to me until I came across this uber-cute bottle of Hello Kitty nail polish in Minty on the Sephora website! :oPhoto Credit: EkiBlog

Since I have this bad habit of storing my nail polishes in places that get too hot, or accidentally leaving them out in direct sunlight, they always go bad really quickly. >.<; So I was ready to head out to the mall and buy it for myself, until I saw the $10 price tag. I’m completely done with spending that much money on a single bottle of nail polish, so I turned to other bloggers in search of alternatives.

With a little help from Google, I found two other brands that carried a similar shade to what I wanted! In the photo above: American Apparel in Office and Essie in Mint Candy Apple. Unfortunately, neither one was locally available to me. >.<; I found a bottle of Sally Hansen NailGrowth Miracle in Gentle Blossom at CVS, though! :D

I had a 30% off coupon anyway, so the bottle ended up being only $4. I was a little disappointed with the application, though. The large brush was very similar to the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, which I enjoyed in both Plum Luck and Wine Not, but the formula was way too sheer and watery. It takes at least three coats to even look opaque. Even then, it comes out very streaky and bubbly if you’re not careful.

Excuse my messy job here. I swear it looks better IRL.

Ultimately, I don’t like the shimmer or texture of the nail polish when it dries. Instead of a mint green, it ends up being slightly lighter than the packaging suggests. Although Gentle Blossom is still a pretty shade in its own way, it wasn’t what I was expecting and I probably should have gone the extra mile to pick up a bottle of Office at American Apparel instead.


4 responses to “Trend Alert: Mint Green Nailpolish

  1. I have the same problem too. I found a beautiful Jade shade at Sephora brand nail polish but 10$. I actually did buy one a while ago that was that was a top coat with gold glitter in inside. Sephora’s are very chip resistant but pricey!

    Sephora, I just looked, are made by O.P.I., which is one of the best nail polishes out there, so no wonder it’s expensive.

    It so hard to find a nice array and variety of shade at drugstores and beauty shops compare to the Sephora nail polish line. I recently decided to by some “Sinful Colors” and they are available at stores like walgreens.

    I brought Mint Apple and Let’s Meet (yellow slimmer) and was please for the price of each 1.99 and I didn’t need a lot of coats. I actually mixed the two and really ended up loving the color it created. But The Mint Apple by it self was satisfactory. I still want to buy, so badly, the one i found at Sephora.

    I particularly don’t buy from Sally Hansen line except of the insta-dry but overall don’t like their products. Essie is probably the best for traditional colors and french mani.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend with the boyfriend and hopefully found my long comment somewhat insightful.

    -admiring blog fan =)

    • Awww, thank you! I’m always flattered when someone starts reading my blog. :D I’ve had my share of trying out different cheap drug store nail polish brands, and they never last me more than a handful of uses because I end up becoming too frustrated with their low quality. =/ I’ll check out Sinful Colors, though, if they carry them nearby.

      I’d love to splurge on nice brands at Sephora, but it’s just not practical at $10 per bottle. I used to buy from the OPI for Sephora collection, but found that it takes FOREVER for them to dry. :P But next time, I may just pay the extra few dollars if quality is what I’m going to get. =)

  2. improperintegirl

    I like that color! And I was thinking of buying some Sally Hansen nail polish.. I recently bought some NYC nail polish because of how cheap it is, but it’s really cheap in quality as well. I’ll probably write a post about it XD

    • I used to love NYC nail polish, until I realized that they’d chip the next day. :'( I do a lot with my hands at school and work, and it sucks when your freshly painted nails decide to not even last through filing paperwork for an hour. >.<;

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