Pokémon Northeast Regional Championships 2011

Remember when I told you guys that my brother was competing in the Pokémon VGC tournament this year? Well, I woke up at 4am this morning in order to  carpool with his friends and attend. Yes, most of the day consisted of standing around, but it was worth it! :D Of course, I couldn’t resist camwhoring before they picked me up in their van. :P I’m thinking about getting a haircut, since I haven’t had one in a year – but I’m not sure how bangs would look on me. >.<;

When we arrived at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey there was already a hugeeeee line formed outside. Here’s a photo I took of my brother and his friends while we were waiting to get inside. They’re wearing the team shirts that I mentioned in my other post! :D

Just a warning – the lighting inside of the convention center was TERRIBLE, so be ready to see some pretty awful shots taken by my camera. D; Anyway.. my brother was part of the Senior Division this year, meaning he was among the oldest in his tournament bracket. Next year, he’ll be able to compete in the Masters Division, though! Which is a little intimidating, since I hear they’re all incredibly good.

After waiting in line for registration, the preliminary elimination matches begun. There were over 500 competitors in my brother’s division, and they were looking to narrow them down to only 16 individuals that move on to the National Championships in Indianapolis. From there, the winners will compete at the World Championships in San Diego! :o

I was SO EXCITED when Kristian won his first few matches. He even told me that he went up against the 2010 World Champion’s cousin and won! : ) One of his battles was randomly chosen to be displayed live on a large screen for everyone to watch, too. :P I wasn’t surprised when he made it into the Finalists Lounge after five wins. ; )

One more win later, and he was already in the top 16 – which guarantees him a spot at the Nationals in three weeks! I was so proud of him, especially since I know how much time he’s put into preparing for this. But the tournament didn’t stop there – now they were competing for money and a Nintendo 3DS. :o After three more wins and one loss, my brother got 4th place and won $600. : )

I really wanted to take a photo with Pikachu, but there were too many kids. :(

Filling out paperwork in order to confirm attendance at Nationals.

The record of matches he played! :D

Posing with the rest of the Top 4 in the Senior Division.

Celebrating at Burger King afterwards! Omnomnom. :3

Doesn’t he look pleased? This is the furthest he’s ever gotten in a VGC Tournament. ;D I had to restrain myself from boasting to everyone in the crowd that he was my brother. :P I can’t wait until he competes at Indianapolis! I wish him luck in his preparations before then. Until next time! ^.^


10 responses to “Pokémon Northeast Regional Championships 2011

  1. improperintegirl

    That’s awesome!! I wish your brother good luck in his next competition!!

  2. Ha i was there, in the masters division, i saw a few of your brothers matches, he was REALLY good, cant wait to battle with him next year! good luck at Nationals!!

    • Nice! Are you going to Indianapolis? To be honest, I know close to nothing about the recent Pokemon video games – I haven’t played one to completion since Red Version in elementary school. :P I’m more excited about him being part of the Masters Division next year, though, since I attend the regionals with him every year and there’s never anyone my age to talk to. XD

  3. not this year unfortunately, the restriction that you could only use pokemon from black and white caught me off guard and I paid for not being ready, got bounced in the second round, but you can be sure that ill be there next year!! let your brother know that id be more then happy to have him as a training partner once hes all done with kicking some butt this year :P

    • I’m sorry to hear! Keeping up with all the new Pokemon every time they release more games must be a lot of information to absorb in such little time. Don’t worry, though, I’ll let him know. :D

  4. That’s amazing! Congrats to your bro :D Best of luck to him! And the shirt design looks like it came out great on the tees :)

    As for bangs, you can try pretending what it would look like by trying on those bang extensions at a store with a mirror to get an idea. I wanted to shy away from the blunt bangs I’ve had for like 2 or 3 years now and go for sideswept bangs XD

  5. Congratulations to your brother!! :D That must be so exciting for him!! Best of luck to him in the finals!!

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