Trend Alert: Men’s Blazers

Since I’ve been trying to convince my boyfriend to purchase a blazer for months, I might as well write a quick post on this popular trend in men’s fashion. :P No matter what you pair it with, a blazer will look sharp and classy. My favorite look for men involves a classic black blazer, dark slim-fit jeans, a graphic t-shirt, and casual non-sneaker shoes. But here are some different outfits that I happened to like while browsing Lookbook:

I think this outfit would look better in jeans, rather than denim shorts – but  do love his shoes, sunglasses, and necklace. :)

I’m not a fan of the denim jacket he’s wearing, but I do like pinstripe blazers. Black jeans are always in fashion, too. ;)

Collared shirts also look great when paired with blazers. Here, the tie really isn’t necessary, but it really puts the whole outfit together. :D

The style is great on women, too! :P

She accessorizes really well here, but I’m not a fan of zippered jeans like that. I also wish I were less fussy with my hair, so that I could wear hats. XD 

Her heels and gold jewelry give this outfit a more feminine and professional touch. But I just hate the look of built-in platforms, which I’ll explain in a separate post. :X 

I’ve been looking for a good blazer for a really long time, but I guess I’m just not looking in the right places. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable options for me – I just need to find the right fit for my body type. The last thing I want is for my already broad shoulders to become even more emphasized. :P

I wouldn’t say that availability is the same for men, though. Not only do shopping centers cater predominantly to women, but men’s blazers and sport jackets start at around $60-$80. So if anyone knows any particular men’s fashion store where my boyfriend could possibly buy a decent-quality one in the $40 range, do tell! We’ve been looking for ages. >.<;

And on a completely irrelevant note, here’s a photo of me and my best friend John from yesterday. I love editing cute decorations into all my pictures! XD


6 responses to “Trend Alert: Men’s Blazers

  1. I really don’t know about the blazer thing Kristina. So far I haven’t seen any pictures of slightly chubby guys dressed normally wearing one. I won’t do the hipster look and I will not wear a tie or any stupid accessories. We will have to see.

    • That’s because most of the guys on Lookbook are skinny European fashionistas! I swear it will look good on you. :D If I decided not to buy clothes just because most female models are super thin, then I wouldn’t have a single item in my wardrobe.

  2. I would try Uniqlo in Soho :) They generally have nice basic pieces for both men and women, and will hopefully have something cheaper but still good looking!

  3. Kristina, you picked some great styles for guys up there! Keep it up!

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