Cupcakes with Jessica! :D

What’s more perfect than baking cupcakes with one of your best friends in an air-conditioned house on a hot, humid day? :D Jessica and I spent all of yesterday catching up at her place, since I only get to see her a handful of times per year. We started it off with a box of Pillsbury Moist Supreme cake mix in Classic White. : )

The selection of frosting at the small grocery store I went to was pretty limited, but I was able to get a container of Duncan Hines Classic Chocolate. Definitely a great choice! The consistency is thicker and sweeter than Betty Crocker. ; )

My mom already had baking cups in our house, too! :D

After mixing the batter, scooping them into the cupcake tin, and baking them for about 22 minutes, I was a little surprised by how yellow they turned out. The box was very misleading in this aspect – I was kind of expecting them to come out as white as the photo had depicted. We didn’t evenly distribute the batter, either, and many were muffin-sized. No big deal, though. :P

Here’s the end product after cooling and frosting. I promise to start piping once I get really serious with cupcake-baking! I never like how messy mine always turn out to be when spreading it on with a knife. They were delicious nonetheless. :P They were much closer to being white on the inside, haha.

In other news, while I’m waiting for the new season of True Blood to start, I’ve been watching episodes of Nip/Tuck in the meantime. I know it’s an old show, but I love my medical dramas. :P The series follows the lives of two plastic surgeons and the patients they work on. It’s actually been really interesting, until I got up to season five – where the plot gets somewhat bland, and too many unnecessary minor characters are introduced. I may actually stop watching soon, since I’ve found new hobbies to spend my summer vacation on – which I promise to post about soon. Until then! ^.^


11 responses to “Cupcakes with Jessica! :D

  1. They look tasty and shiny! One day we will have to make some from scratch :-)

    • You took the star-sprinkles home with you! :( Are you even going to use them! D; I’m really excited to start making our own batter and frosting, though. Watching Cupcake Wars on the Food Network makes me even more impatient. :P

  2. improperintegirl

    Did you use whole eggs in the batter? I think for them to come out white you need to just use egg whites.

    • The instructions on the back of the box said that whole eggs were to be used. I assumed the cake mix had something in it to turn it white, but I guess not. Should have thought about that ahead of time. >.<;

      • improperintegirl

        I think its something like 3 egg whites = 2 whole eggs, but I could be wrong, but that’s how you get any kind of white cake to be white.. I’ve never actually had white cake. Also, funfetti is the superior cake mix, as it’s normal white/yellow cake only with rainbow sprinkles in it ^^

  3. I love your baking cups! I never seem to use any when I bake because I’m forgetful, but they look uber yummy & cute!

  4. Aww your cupcakes are cute! :D they may have turned out more yellow though if you left them in a little too long ;X i know that I have had that problem before, especially with the lighter batches that can happen alot and if you use a strawberry cupcake batter too that they can be very fussy D’X

    I cant wait for True Blood either!! :D ahhh so excited!!! While I wait for True Blood though, I have been watching the new HBO fantasy show, Game of Thrones. Its pretty good. Jonathan got me into it because he read the books and bugged me to watch it lol :P but I’d recommend it :)

    • I don’t have HBO, so I’ll just stream the True Blood episodes the day after they premiere. :P I’ll try leaving them in for less time next time I make a light batch. I still need to find strawberry batter! I couldn’t find any in my supermarket. >.<;


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