So.. guess what I received in the mail today? ; ) A package from my wonderful boyfriend Michael! :D Check out the cute card that came with it:

I’ve been feeling pretty down for the past week, and this act of kindness really cheered me up. He even included two of my favorite brands of chocolate! :D Even though I’ve consistently been staying under 500 calories since getting home, I can never resist sweets. <3

What I went crazy over, though, was the stuffed shark in the box!! For months, Michael and I have been searching for a cute shark pillow on the internet – but we were never able to find one that didn’t look stupid. What taunted me even more was a particular car in the parking lot of Michael’s apartment that always had one in the rear window. I admit that I was envious, but now I have a shark pillow that’s far more adorable. ; )

I also found it pretty cool that you can unzip the shark, turn it inside-out, and transform it into an actual rectangle-shaped pillow! Although I much prefer the shape of the actual shark itself, folding it up like this can be pretty convenient for packing or storage when moving it from place to place. : )

And because I love making silly faces, here are a few shots of me posing with it. :D I used the website Seenly, which can apply effects onto your own webcam photos. If I owned a Macbook, I would totally be using Photobooth all the time. For now, this will have to do. :P Until next time! ^o^

Btw, we decided to name him Nicholas. :)


8 responses to “OMGSHARKPILLOW!!! :o

  1. Loool. I love that last picture. Glad you like!

  2. Oh my God, you are too cute hahaha.

  3. Awww that is so cute!! :D and I especially love that last picture of you haha :3 adorable, but did my eyes deceive me or did I read that you only eat 500 calories a day?? We are going to have to have a talk about that missy…

  4. improperintegirl

    aww it’s adorable!! and i love kit kat ^^

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