X-Men: First Class

Let me begin with how much I loved X-Men when I was a kid. Although I’ve never read the comic books, I was a huge fan of the cartoon series during the early 90’s. The theme song is an unforgettable part of my childhood! Then, in middle school, I never missed an episode of X-Men: Evolution – which depicted most of my favorite characters as high school teenagers. And although I’ve enjoyed the majority of the more recent X-Men film series, I found the latest one (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) to be disappointing.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I heard about X-Men: First Class. The trailer looked so promising! And since the movie was released in theaters today, my brother and I headed to Fresh Meadows for the 4:05pm screening. Be warned, though, there are spoilers ahead! : )

Waiting at the bus stop, and camwhoring in the meantime. :P

Now, believe me when I say that I’ve been really hyped for this film for the past three weeks. So much so that I would make fangirl noises every time I saw a commercial or a billboard advertising it. The main reason for this is that I’m a HUGE fan of Magneto. He’s my favorite villain in the Marvel Universe, and I was dying to see some thorough background story on his character in this film.

Of course, I was not disappointed. :P I’ve always been intrigued by Magneto’s dark past, especially his time spent in the Nazi concentration camp and what he did as a young adult to become as powerful and determined as he is. I definitely approved of how much time the film spent on developing his character, who spent the majority of his screen time either struggling with his anger or being a total badass. : )

Apart from being sexy on screen, I also really liked the way Michael Fassbender portrayed the character. He was able to convincingly express how firmly Magneto believed in the superiority of the mutant race, especially during the several scenes where he tells Mystique that he thinks she’s more beautiful in her natural form. Of course, he doesn’t compare to Ian McKellen from the other movies – how can you when the other actor also has the role of Gandalf under his belt? XD

And although I’m not as interested in Professor Xavier’s character, I do admit that I was surprised by the way he was portrayed in his twenties! He actually has.. personality? :o You heard me right – despite being a genius, Charles Xavier was depicted to be an arrogant, borderline egotistical womanizer. This really caught me off guard at the beginning. :P

As for the film as a whole, what I enjoyed the most were its historical aspects. It went from flashbacks of World War II, to the present Cuban Missile Crisis – and thus involved the Nazis, Russian communists, President JFK, and plenty of battleships. And though this might sound strange, the film gave me an overall sense of fortitude. I was also kept on the edge of my seat during the last half hour of action scenes. I’m actually really impressed that so much was successfully fit into only 2 hours and 11 minutes! : )

My only issues with the film were that the ending was too predictable, the plot and minor details were not consistent with the comic book and/or cartoon series, and the catchphrase of the film (“Mutant and Proud”) was extremely corny and overused. We also stayed until the end of the credits, hoping for a secret scene, but it never happened. Shame on you, Marvel. :P Despite, this was still one of the best films I’ve seen in a really long time – definitely go out and see it asap! :D If you guys want to read an actual well-written review on this film in order to convince you, I found this one to be the most eloquent.


6 responses to “X-Men: First Class

  1. I couldn’t read too much because of spoilers, but I am glad you liked it and can’t wait to see it on your recommendation!

  2. Nah I don’t question your tastes. We’re all allowed to like different things. Sure, Repo the Genetic Opera was awful, but generally we agree on that category :-)

  3. Thanks for this. It seems your ardor for X-Men might also be on par with mine :P, but I was hesitant about going to see this movie. Definitely invading the theater this weekend.

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