Bicycle > Car

I was planning to retake my road exam this summer, and hopefully earn myself a driver’s license, but I just don’t see the point. I live in New York City, where public transportation will save me more money in the long run than paying for gas ever will. I don’t even think I’ll be able to afford a car for a really long time.

Which is why I’ve made the decision to invest in a new bicycle. I haven’t ridden my old mountain bike in over six years, and with good reason – the frame is rusted, the tires have holes, the leaning-forward position that it forces my body into is uncomfortable, and the handlebar brakes are difficult for my tiny hands to use. It’s been sitting in the garage for what seems like forever.

Last night, I spent hours researching online and came to the conclusion that a comfort or cruiser bicycle would fit my lifestyle the best. It’s not like I’m going to be riding this thing through the woods, dirt, or grass. :P After browsing many brands and models on the internet, I found the Huffy 24″ Burgundy Girls’ Cranbrook Cruiser Bike for only $89.97! :o At first, I was suspicious of the really cheap price tag, but the reviews on the website convinced me that this would be a great deal for its value. :DAlthough I don’t plan to purchase it until mid Summer, despite its free shipping and pick-up at my local Wal-Mart, I’m already way too excited. :P I can already imagine how useful it will be to me!

1) I won’t ever have to walk around campus next semester – bike racks are plentiful outside of every residential and academic building. All my classes will be at the hospital next year, too, which isn’t the most enjoyable or convenient walk from my dorm room. But biking there would be a breeze! :D

2) I would be able to travel between my building and Michael’s apartment in no time without walking through the sketchy path in the woods on a hill that students have dubbed “the rape trail”. >.<;

3) I’d have the coolest bicycle on campus, obviously. Or at least my entire quad. I love the old-fashioned, retro look of this bike. To be honest, I can’t imagine myself riding one that looked any sportier. XD It’s simple and single-geared, which I adore. And did I mention that red is one of my favorite colors? :o

4) Recreational rides around the town. Enough said. :D The fact that it’s a 24″ bicycle, not the standard adult-sized 26″, is also great! I’m only 4’11” tall, so getting a full-sized bike probably wouldn’t be the best idea. :P

Should I buy a basket to attach to the front? ; )


4 responses to “Bicycle > Car

  1. I absolutely love that “rape trail” is one of your tags. People looking to do some raping will find your blog!

    I’m glad you’re deciding to get a bike. I think it will come in handy at home as well as at school. As you said, not only will you be able to ride to class, but you and I will both be able to ride back and forth from our rooms if I bring mine! Plus we can get some exercise together :-) Good choice in style too. I can’t really see you riding much else.

    Basket would be funny but I don’t know if it would be necessary. Maybe if you have the extra dough…

    • Of course – I have to bring in those hits somehow. :P And I haven’t been this excited to buy something since my iPod! :o I can’t wait to bring you to that bike trail at the park near my house. I may actually order it sooner, just in time for your visit. : ) And the thought of bicycling around campus with you is just so appealing. Send me a picture of yours! I forgot what it looks like. XD

  2. improperintegirl

    If you have a chance to actually take the bike for a test ride before buying it you should. I bought my bike last summer for $200, but my dad paid for half of it. I took about 3 bikes for a test run before I picked that one.

    If you ever wanna go bike riding in a park this summer let me know =D

    • Omg, yes! :D I love bike riding, but I didn’t know that anyone still rode theirs. :P The reviews tell me that it’s more comfortable to ride than a generic mountain bike, and lower to the ground. At this point, anything is better than my old bicycle. I’ll see if could test ride it, though. : )

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