I’m finally home! :D

After an entire week of doing absolutely nothing and practically living in the RA office, I’m finally home. <3 I decided to pack last-minute, so didn’t realize until I was halfway through that I didn’t have enough suitcases or storage boxes for all my things. >.<; Thankfully, my building had a surplus of reusable tote bags made of recycled materials. :D Anyway, did anyone notice my new blog photo? I was pretty bored after work today, so I dolled myself up a little bit. :P

Let me explain something to you guys first.. I do not wear this much makeup on a regular basis. <.<; It takes an unnecessarily long time, and I would rather spend those precious morning minutes eating breakfast or checking Facebook. XD I do enjoy cam-whoring from time to time, though. ; )

In other news, I foresee myself watching much Xena: The Warrior Princess in the near future! Since I’ll most likely be working from home again this summer, it’ll give me plenty of time to stream episodes of my second-favorite television series from the 90’s. Right after Buffy the Vampire Slayer, of course! : ) When I was a kid, I had always admired Xena for being such a strong female character. Her signature chakram weapon was so awesome, too! :D I’m currently halfway through the first season – but at the rate I’m going, I’ll probably finish the entire series in a few weeks. XD

I’ve also had the time to listen through Lady Gaga’s new album Born This Way a couple times over the past few days, as well. As much as people hate her persona, I still like her. The way I see it, she’s putting in the effort to use her influence on the masses for good. I follow her on Twitter, and she shows nothing but respect and modesty towards her fans. In fact, most of her tweets encourage her followers to promote diversity and peace, which I don’t see as a bad thing.

Anyway, it took a couple of plays for Born This Way to grow on me. I admit that it’s my least favorite album, but its differences from the previous two doesn’t make it terrible. I understand it as a way for her to expand her musical horizons, since she’s been boxed into a pop stereotype for the past few years. Honestly, though, the tracks are either a hit or miss for me. My favorites include: Judas, Hair, Schiße and Bloody Mary.

Which leads me to my opinion on her latest Judas music videoI love it. Although the few individuals that I’ve shown it to thought that it was a ridiculous six minutes of garbage, I see it as art. The imagery is so rich. The sole fact that every biker in the gang is named after one of Jesus’ twelve disciples really resonates with my Catholic upbringing. The choreography is much more tolerable that Born This Way, too, which I still can’t bring myself to enjoy. So despite all the negative feedback that my peers give Lady Gaga, I think it really takes a lot of guts and creativity to pull off what she does. I ultimately respect her in that sense. : )


4 responses to “I’m finally home! :D

  1. Here’s a video on CNN about how Lady Gaga’s new album brought down Amazon:
    Apparently they were having some special where you could download the album for $.99, and so many people went to download it that the site crashed.

    And btw this is one of those videos where I think she’s attractive. Other times, I think she looks gross. The simpler the better with her.

    Sorry you were stuck at school for so long. Hopefully you keep yourself busy at home!

    • Yeah, I waited a few days before downloading the album because I knew there would be a ton of ripped low-quality versions of it on the actual release day. I think she’s pretty all the time. Her shoulders in the Born This Way music video kind of creep me out, though. Rumors say she wants to get them as permanent implants. o_o

  2. improperintegirl

    I was one of the people who bought the album for $0.99.. which was actually free for me because I had a $0.99 mp3 credit from the last CD I bought ^^ I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet though.

    I can’t wait to hang out now that you’re back!

    • Oh, nice. : ) I rarely buy music because MediaFire provides me with everything I need. That, and my university’s sharing hub on a program called DC++. And I can’t wait to hang out, either! :D

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