Clairol Nice ‘N Easy Color Blend Foam: 5G Medium Golden Brown


Alright, so Kirsten sent me a coupon for a free box of Clairol hair dye a few weeks ago. I believe it was to promote their new Nice ‘N Easy Color Blend Foam. I walked into Target yesterday, and picked up the shade Medium Golden Brown. I figured the warm undertones in this would compliment my skin tones better than the Ash or Neutral shades.

From years of hair coloring experience, I know that the results on the side of the box are never accurate. This shade was supposed to make my dark blonde hair become a honey-esque, milk chocolate brown. I expected it to come out slightly darker, of course. The instructions in the box explained how to apply the foam product correctly: Pour bottle 1 into bottle 2. Close lid. Shake vigorously. Squeeze bottle to dispense foam. Apply to hair in a shampooing motion.

Easy enough, right? Well, I immediately disliked the application technique. My boyfriend had to keep shaking the bottle throughout the whole process because the foam kept turning back into liquid after a minute of leaving it alone. Which leads me to believe that this whole “foam” thing is merely a gimmick, since the foam would turn into liquid again once applied to your hair.

The dye itself SMELLED LIKE SOY SAUCE. I was not pleased at all. The consistency was like watered down pudding in my hair, and was extremely drippy and messy. My boyfriend was so frustrated with the squeeze bottle, that he eventually took off the lid and started applying the dye directly into my hair without foaming it. After my entire head was completely saturated, I left it in for 25 minutes before jumping into the shower and washing it out.

The result? An ugly, almost-black, disgusting mess. My hair came out at least three or four shades darker than the box suggested. Needless to say, I was incredibly disappointed. It didn’t even lift my black roots!

What’s worse is that the color came out REALLY uneven. As in, large patches of blonde in the back. I know for a fact that the dye was evenly distributed because I checked the back of my head with a mirror in the bathroom. I should also mention that this dye DOES NOT MAKE YOUR HAIR SHINY like Garnier Nutrisse does. If anything, the color is flat and boring. My damaged hair from before looked much healthier than it is now. =/

Ultimately, I’m completely upset over the current state of my hair. Never trusting Clairol again. Especially since my boyfriend has had bad experiences dyeing his own hair with Nice ‘N Easy. I may just dye over mine with a prettier shade of brown by another brand, or just go black. What do you guys suggest I do to fix this? :'(


20 responses to “Clairol Nice ‘N Easy Color Blend Foam: 5G Medium Golden Brown

  1. Oh no Kristina!! :( I wish you had told me!! When I tried Clairol Nice and Easy the summer before college started, I was going to try a light brown for a new look…after I dyed turned I love Lucy red!! I was so upset (I have pics in my profile pic album on fb) but it eventually washed out back to blonde after a few was really weird..I always use Loreal though and I love their Loreal Feria. I always get a shiny bright color whenever I use it and now they even have a little scented packet to place in the dye to make it smell better :) I would definitely recommend the brand next time you dye!!

    • It’s alright, I’ll just color over it with another dye next time. : ) I’m sorry about your experience with it, though! I haven’t seen pics, but I’ll sure you rocked the red. :P I love L’Oreal Feria, too! I might just buy a box of it next time. Haha. And love those scented packets! The ammonia fumes really sting. >.<;

  2. improperintegirl

    I feel bad for sending it to you now D: I did not intend for you to have a horrible experience!! I find it ironic though, from what I heard the purpose of the foam was to make application easier and the color more even. I guess that all goes out the window if the foam doesn’t stay foam :(
    I think dying over a prettier shade of brown would be nice. If you do go black and haven’t tried henna you might want to look into it. I dyed my hair with henna once, the dying process doubles as an oil treatment. I forgot how long the color stayed in, but black streaks definitely did not work with my skin tone. And if you’re questioning my judgement don’t blame me, I was 12 XD

    • Don’t feel bad, I know you had good intentions. It was a learning experience, after all. : ) My aunt used henna on her husband’s hair, but turned it green! Haha. I have heard good things about it having darkening properties from my Indian friends, though. I’ll look into it before making a decision!

      • improperintegirl

        my cousin used henna to get rid of her greys and it was black at first but then turned purple, so you should definitely look into different brands.

  3. Oh no!!! :( That’s not good, but thanks for sharing with the rest of us and posting! Please check out my makeup blog too when you have a moment <3


  4. I’m so sorry about your hair! I didnt think it could possibly come out bad, but being uneven in color is inexcusable! Get a similar shade from the Garnier one you like and try again? :(

  5. oh yikes im so sorry! i had tried a foam dye a long time ago when i was in middle school, but it never got that uneven :( i would suggest to just go over with a pretty shade of brown. I agree that L’Oreal Feria is a pretty potent and yields happy hair. I tried Nice N’ Easy in liquid form and was none too pleased. Instead of reddish/auburn I got brassier light brown >.> which is bizarre because my hair is really dark.

    • I know, I was pretty disappointed. :( And I’m sorry about your experience with Nice ‘N Easy, too. Everyone seems to go wrong with it! XD I’ll just color over mine again in the near future. >.<;

  6. I bought it and was told it was good stuff. After it was done my hair smelled like old stale beer. Imagine driving and getting pulled over, I was not speeding or had any tickets but the still pulled me over to check license well when he got one smell of the stale beer he made me take a breathalyzer test. As I told the cop I do not drink and it showed no levels of alcohol in my blood. I was so mad, I am going to let the company know what happens. I have another friend who did it too and her hair like Kristina smelled like soy sauce.

  7. It’s not as bad from the top as it sounds, but that back shot… D: I suggest getting you loaded next Saturday and letting everyone take turns with a brown Sharpie. ;)

  8. I think light really suits you, so brown, as long as it will even out the patches.

    If you can get anywhere near a health food shop, see if they have Jojoba ‘pure’ oil, it is REALLY good for replenishing your hair (and skin). It is a Dry oil.. for example, if you put some on the ends of your hair when you go to bed, in the morning it looks as good as hair serum.. its’ brilliant and its’ all natural~

    Here’s the product but this is an English store

  9. You had to have done it wrong. I’ve used it a few times and it comes out great every time.

  10. This stuff is GARBAGE……followed directions and ended up with BLACK smelly hair instead of medium brown……..NEVER AGAIN

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