Finals Week >.<;

Hey, guys! Classes are over, and finals week is here. I’m completely stressing out. ~.~’ But since this is the last weekend before crunch time, I’ve really been making an effort to attend my friends’ and residents’ end-of-the-year parties. : ) I’ve also been spending a lot of quality time with Michael before we separate for the entire summer.

The other day, I was completely content with spending the whole afternoon walking around the mall with him. We were looking for a pair of dress pants and dress shoes for his piano recital, and I ended up buying two tanktops from H&M because they were so cheap! Afterwards, we ate lunch at Se-port Deli – which is possibly the most amazing deli in existence. Their specialty sandwiches are to die for! The one I ordered was called The Brook. ; )

Unfortunately, I missed Michael’s piano recital the next day because my alarm didn’t go off. I felt so terrible! :'( I did buy a ton of yogurt, though, since I ran out of meal points. (Irrelevant, I know.) Peach has always been my favorite. <3

I also think I’ve been gaining a ton of weight recently, but everyone seems to disagree. Regardless, I happened to like my outfit the other day. Strangely, I think my legs are getting smaller while my upper body remains disproportionately large. o_O

And I received a care package from home today!! It was filled with a ton of snacks and goodies to prepare me for the hectic week ahead. :D

Michael and I also baked cupcakes tonight! Under recommendation from Kristiana, we bought Pillsbury cake mix. Moist Supreme Devil’s Food, to be specific. ; )

With this, we also bought Betty Crocker Whipped Butter Cream Frosting and Betty Crocker Star Sprinkles!! :D

The final product? Twenty delicious cupcakes!! <3 I prefer these to the last ones we made. The cake is much thicker, rather than fluffy, but not in a too-dense way. The sprinkles give them the much-needed color and crunch, too. : )


6 responses to “Finals Week >.<;

  1. We’re fat I just realized. All of our quality time is spent eating xD.

    Sucks that you missed my recital. I’ll be giving you shit for it for a while ;-)

  2. improperintegirl

    Good luck with your finals >.< I have so much crap due this week in addition to finals at the end of this week and the start of next week.

    I love Pillsbury!! My favorite mix is funfetti!! When I get married, I want a funfetti wedding cake, I kid you not =D

    • Good luck to you, too! And same here – one of my finals is actually a project that we have to present during the exam time slot. D; I try not to worry too much about it, though.

      And this was my first time baking with Pillsbury – definitely much better than other cake mixes I’ve tried. Apparently, there’s a whole cup of pudding in the batter? Haha. And count on me being there on your wedding day to have a slice of that funfetti cake. :P

  3. Awww I’m glad you liked Pillsbury!! :D Your cupcakes came out so cute!! :3 I can’t wait to make some with you soon <3

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