Marc-André Hamelin

Yesterday, Michael was generous enough to take me out to see one of his favorite pianists perform at Carnegie Hall. <3 Let me begin with how much of a Marc-André Hamelin fanboy my boyfriend is: I constantly see  him watching YouTube videos of his live performances, talking about how great he is, and writing letters to him. He even bought us these tickets over three months ago! Which cost him $50 each, mind you. So you can imagine how excited he was to finally see his musical idol and inspiration in person. :P

Now, I’m no amateur to attending classical concerts. I used to play viola in an orchestra, and thus have appreciated and listened to a good amount of classical music. I know the basic etiquette, such as not clapping in between movements and dressing up a bit fancier than your everyday business casual. I even curled my hair for this occasion! :D

Since  this is a beauty blog, it’s inevitable that I talk about my makeup, too. :P Lately, I’ve been replacing my normal black eyeliner with brown eyeshadow – mostly because black can come off as too harsh, especially with spring fashion. Here, I’m wearing Tequila (metallic cornsilk shimmer) all over my lids and Galeano (metallic medium plum shimmer) on the outer half, both from the Kat Von D Beethoven Palette. I then blended upwards with a nude eyeshadow, and lined my eyes with a plum brown eyeshadow using a small angled brush. So shiny! :D

The next photo is kind of a bad shot of me.  My forehead looks ridiculously large. XD I found it fitting to take a picture in the piano room next to my building while I was waiting for Michael to pick me up, though. :P

Anyway, we  drove to my house and took the subway into the city. We arrived three hours early, so we just walked around and stuff. You know, ate at Chipotle and Jamba Juice. :P Here are some gratuitous artsy-fartsy photos I took with Instagram – click to enlarge! : )


When 7:00pm finally rolled around, we headed back to the Zankel Hall of Carnegie Hall. Look at how close we were sitting to the stage! Second row. :D

The program was as follows:
Joseph Haydn – Sonata in E Minor, Hob. XVI:34
Robert Schumann – Carnaval, Op. 9
Stefan Wolfe – Passacaglia from 4 Studies on Basic Rows
Gabriel Fauré –  Noctune in D-flat Major, Op. 63

Franc Liszt – Réminiscences de Norma  

I COULDN’T BELIEVE HOW AMAZING HE WAS. Marc-André Hamelin is, hands down, the most talented pianist I have ever have the privilege of seeing in concert. The last world-renowned pianists I saw were Emanuel Ax and Yefim Bronfman two years ago, when they performed  at the Staller Center on my campus. Although that performance was great, as well, this was so much better.

During the first piece, I was taken off guard by how clear and fast he could play scales. Perhaps I’ve become desensitized to piano music over the last few months, due to music majors on my campus playing lifeless and cliché pieces all day. But Hamelin made every passage sound so alive!

I know that Michael was looking forward to Shumann’s Carnaval the most, but I personally only enjoyed the first and last movement of it. It was about 32 minutes long, after all. I don’t quite have the attention span or musical appreciation yet for a piece like that, I guess.

Of the repertoire, I disliked the Stefan Wolfe piece the most. It was written in the contemporary style – and thus had clashing notes and chords. I couldn’t even tell what time signature it was in. To my ears, it was basically noise. I prefer pretty-sounding piano music. >.<;

My favorite was definitely the Liszt, though. I recognized how difficult it must have been to play! Look it up  on YouTube. : ) Definitely a great choice for the last piece. Afterwards, Hamelin played two encores before the concert was officially over. I had a great time, and am thankful to Michael for taking me. One can never have enough culture to enrich their lives. Until next time! ^o^


2 responses to “Marc-André Hamelin

  1. improperintegirl

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Every so often my dad get’s Carnige hall tickets through work and he takes me with him ^^ But we normally just dress in business-casual, other people dress nicer, and there are people who get the cheap seats in the waaay back who just want to hear the music live and dress in regular street clothes.

    • I haven’t been to Carnegie Hall since I was in elementary school, and I figured it would be safer to be overdressed than underdressed. Haha. My mom gets free classical concert tickets from work, too, but I’m never around when they’re offered. >.<;

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