Itching to go summer shopping. :X

With a little more than two weeks until my summer vacation, I can’t wait to  buy more warm-weather clothing. I’m a little frustrated, though, since my school owes me $250+. Every time I drop by the university store, hoping to exchange the credits my school gave me for Visa gift cards, they’re always sold out. If I don’t redeem them by the end of the semester, I won’t get a check until graduation. :'(

On top of this, they’re making me go out of my way to get my birth certificate and other various documents in order to verify my citizenship, so that they can pay me for the work I did over Spring Break. I may just be unreasonably impatient, though. :P

On my list of things to buy are denim shorts, since all my current pairs are a size too large on me now. I’ve been eyeing more dresses, as well, especially the one pictured above from  Express. I love the lace! <3 I’m impressed with the Dr. Martens women’s shoe line, too. I’ve been dying for a pair of their boots for the longest time, and came across their more feminine styles on the website today!

On the left, we have the new Sanrio Canvas 7-eye Boot, which to me looks like a much cuter and sturdier Chuck Taylor Converse. :D On the right, is their Mimi 3-eye Elevated Shoe, which I can totally imagine wearing with my uniform if I get that waitressing job this summer. ; )

Here, we have their Mona Elevated Strappy Sandal and 8-eye Victorian Flowers Boot. Doc Martens are known for being constructed with the highest quality,and I can’t wait until I save up for one of their classic pairs. These more feminine alternatives are nice to look at, though! :P

I was browsing another website called Bluefly the other day, as well, and scoped out a ton of cute shoes. It was only until scrolling further down that I realized that they were made by Prada, and thus totally out of my price range. Prada shoes are definitely a sign of luxury, which I unfortunately don’t have at the  moment, but wouldn’t mind owning a pair or two of their heels and wedges. ; )

Prada Cherry Patent T-strap Bow  Detail  Sandals, $520?!


4 responses to “Itching to go summer shopping. :X

  1. I adore the Sanrio & Victorian boots!!! I, too, am itching to shop for a million things, but I’m trying to control myself hahaha.

  2. improperintegirl

    Just a warning, Doc Martens are *heavy* I have a pair of plain black ones, they have the same cut as the Victorian ones. They also aren’t the easiest shoes to put on, and if you’re not wearing the right kind of socks they eat them XD Other than that they’re awesome.

    Anyway, I’m set to finish in about two weeks as well. Wanna go shopping in Flushing during the break?

    • Oh no! I’ll just have to prepare myself, then. :P I hope they’re comfortable. : ) And yes! I haven’t been to Flushing in a while. I need to pick up scrapbooking materials while we’re there, too. :D

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