Energy Efficiency at the Home Office

Guest post written by Sam Simpson

I’m trying to give my life a green makeover right now. I’ve been slowly getting there over the past year or so, but I know that I need to just go ahead and do it all and get it over with. But I wasn’t exactly sure how to manage doing all of that, so I went on the internet to find some good green resources.
One thing I hadn’t really considered was shopping around for energy savings plans. I found a site dedicated to texas electric rates and after I looked through that I found a plan like that that sounded perfect for my home office and household, so I signed up for it.

I also read that laptops take up less power to run, which is fortunate because I use a laptop and not a desktop for my home office already. I always leave my printer on all the time and I need to stop doing that. I also just need to stop printing out so much stuff too. Maybe leaving my printer turned off will make me want to print less stuff too.


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