I’m loving this weather!!!

Quick post, mostly because I just got back from a party. :P So, who else is loving this wonderful Spring weather?! Before my boyfriend and I went out for lunch this afternoon, I asked him to take pictures with me outside because it was so sunny and the trees and fountain looked so pretty. : )

I wish it were like this every day of the year! <3

We only found out after we walked into The Wang Center that there was a Sakura Matsuri going on today! Even though the pink flowering trees outside aren’t cherry blossoms. <.<;

Although I don’t have pictures of the small indoor festival, there were a ton of booths selling things like cute pins, t-shirts, and candy in order to collect money for the ongoing earthquake/tsunami relief in Japan. I honestly didn’t have my wallet with me at the time, but I definitely would have helped out if I did.

Later that night, Michael and I attended a Zombie Prom. I dressed up, but didn’t partake in the face-painting because I was going somewhere after and didn’t want to have to explain to everyone why I looked like a zombie. XD We were served dinner, and did fun things like learn how to dance Thriller!

My necklace is by Tiffany & Co. ;D

I really liked the way I did my makeup for it, too! Even though it looks a little toned down in this photo, my eyes were really dramatic in real life. ; ) I started with glittery white Sephora eyeshadow all over my lids. I then applied light pink shimmer on the outer half and electric blue in my crease, both from the Kat Von D Beethoven Palette. This was followed by really heavy black eyeliner. I was planning on wearing my super thick false lashes, too, but decided not to. :P

Overall, I had a really great day – despite still having three essays to finish writing tomorrow. :'( I definitely have an extremely busy week ahead of me, filled with schoolwork and duty hours. Wish me luck! :D


2 responses to “I’m loving this weather!!!

  1. This week is the first week its not rainy and icky in Philly! 70+ weather and sunny all week! Sooooo excited!

    Zombie prom sounds sooooo cool! Was that a school event? The face painting sounds really cool though. And your dress looks so pretty! I have a College of Arts & Science gala coming up in the museum I volunteer at, and I think it’s dinosaur themed. I’m thinking of making my dress for it. Any ideas for gold or red themed makeup for dinosaurs XD?

    • Yes! It was a school event. Ever since becoming an RA, I’ve been trying to be more active in things that the school hosts. And it’s so cool that you’re going to make your own dress for the Gala!! I may be able to give you ideas once I see the fabric and style of it. : )

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