Style Find

As a BzzAgent, I am often introduced to up-and-coming companies and websites. In partnership with the publishers of InStyle, my attention was directed towards their fashion website called StyleFind.

After I registered for a free membership, I liked that they sent me a really warm and welcoming e-mail. Customer service and care is definitely a huge factor for me when it comes to shopping online. Style Find doesn’t spam my inbox, either. They just send a quick update on new deals and popular items once a week. : )

So what can this website do for us? Well, instead of going back and forth between several different online sites to compare prices for a particular piece or trend, Style Find lets you browse through thousands of different items in one place! It then redirects you to the original website of the retailer, where you can purchase what you’ve found. My thoughts?

The website is very easy to navigate, and filters for the item you’re looking for very thoroughly – by style, brand, color, size, etc. They also let you filter by free shipping! What I liked the most, though, were their regularly updated “Editor’s Pick” items. Unfortunately, this is all that I liked about the site.

This website definitely targets older women who have an affinity for upscale brands and the hefty price tags that come with them. They only let you search for items made by their retail partners, which in my opinion is incredibly limiting. Whereas I’m used to paying no more than $30 for a dress or a pair of shoes, the majority of the clothes and accessories being advertised on this site run from $100 to $800. On top of this, the few deals and sales promoted on Style Find won’t save you the kind of money on higher-end brands that stores like TJ Maxx or Century 21 would.

Ultimately, the point of this website still escapes me. Although I do enjoy online shopping, Style Find does not give me any more benefits than other sites I’ve purchased from. In fact, it’s much more inconvenient because you end up making an order from a different website anyway, which could result in multiple shipping fees if you’re buying from more than one retailer. The brands they carry honestly don’t appeal to me or my budget, either, and I would much rather prefer browsing several different sites than this one.


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