My first time baking cupcakes! :3

I know – it must be really surprising that I, of all people, have never baked cupcakes before. >.<; My mom recently bought cupcake/muffin tins, which I immediately took with me to school, and Kristiana had sent me these super cute Little Mermaid baking cups the other week! So I figured that now was a better time than ever to try it out. :P

A couple weeks ago, there was a sale at Target where all their Betty Crocker Super Moist cake mix cost only $1 per box! We used the yellow cake mix. :D

Since Michael and I often watch Cupcake Wars on The Food Network, we recognized that our mixture was a little too wet. We didn’t have an ice cream scooper, either, so we kind of made a mess while trying to get the batter into the baking cups with a ladle. XD

They came out really fluffy and light, though, after leaving them in the oven for only 18 minutes! :D And much yellower than I was expecting. :P

After letting them cool for a few minutes, we each grabbed and knife and messily frosted them with Whipped Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Frosting by Betty Crocker. : )

And this was what the final product looked like! : ] Although they were good, I wished I had bought decorations or a better brand of cake mix and frosting.

I really enjoyed baking these, though – definitely going the extra mile next time so that our cupcakes look much neater and taste much better. :D If any of you guys have tips for me, or brands that have worked out wonderfully for them, please share! I’m willing to learn from the pros. ; )

On a final note, I bought some cute new underwear from Aerie today! : ) They were having a 7 for $25 sale, which is a much better deal than other lingerie places like Victoria’s Secret or Gilly Hicks. The patterns are so pretty, and the cotton is so soft! The touch of lace also makes me feel really feminine. :P I signed up for the rewards card, too, since Aerie is owned by American Eagle. I’m going to find myself shopping there eventually someday. XD



7 responses to “My first time baking cupcakes! :3

  1. improperintegirl

    I have a tip you can use to make yellow cake more awesome. Put sprinkles in the batter and you have just made fun-fetti =D
    You also don’t need a ladle. When I’ve made them with my mom she normally angles the bowl and eases the batter out with a large spoon into the cupcake tins.

    • Omg, sprinkles in the cake batter sounds so awesome! :o I might just put chocolate chips in it next time, too. XD Our mixture was super liquidy, so it was almost impossible to pour with a bowl and spoon without making a huge mess. We’ll try buying a different cake mix next time, though! :D

  2. I see London, I see France, I see Kristina’s underpants! XD sorry I had to do that lol

    Anyway as far as the cupcakes go, aww they came out cute! :)

    For a cake mix brand, I would definitely recommend Pillsbury. I find that their cake mixes usually turn out super moist! :) They go on sale a lot too at supermarkets like Stop and Shop. If you want to do something more “fancy” with the frosting, I would recommend piping it. All you need is a tip, and they’re usually pretty cheap, (less than a dollar) you can use a coupler to hold it in the bag better but it isn’t necessary and for the most part just makes it easier when you’re switching tips like if you’re piping flowers or something :) and u can either buy decorating bags or even use a simple ziplock bag, cut a small hole in the corner and stick the tip in it and then fill the bag with the frosting lol a pic i sound of it :) its also good to chill the frosting a little before u pipe so the frosting is a little thicker and ofcourse wait til the cupcakes cool off :D i can show u more when we make our Hello Kitty cupcakes tho <3 hope that helps!

    • Your cupcakes are way cuter and more delicious-looking!! <3 I'll try using Pillbury next time. : ) Thanks for the tips, though. I feel like such a newbie at this, haha. I'll definitely play around with piping, though. The way we frosted these just look so messy. XD I'll keep trying to perfect the art of cupcake-making, so I'll be prepared for when we make our Hello Kitty ones. :D

  3. Nice job! I love making cupcakes! I agree that the Betty Crocker variety is a little liquidy and can take a little bit more time to bake, but they are so yum! i also like the variety of whipped frosting you chose, but in strawberry.

    If you are up for a quicky & easy bake that is oreo filled, try googling oreo cheesecake cupcakes!

    • I didn’t even see that they had strawberry frosting! :o And I’ll try those cheesecake cupcakes once I’ve mastered red velvet and carrot cake. :P

      • OMG CARROT CAKE. i absolutely loooove carrot cake! my lab supervisor last year baked one for someone’s b-day, and i’ve been hunting for a good recipe since. red velvet is my sister’s specialty though so i just watch her. haha. she adds taro icing (apparently they sell that?) and coconut bits for decor & taste.

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