Kumo Japanese Sushi & Steakhouse

Today, Michael and I went out to eat at a newly opened Japanese restaurant in our area called Kumo. We decided to go when we found out how inexpensive their lunch special was, costing only $8-$10 for hibachi as opposed to the $17-$20 we would have paid for the same thing during their dinner hours. It was relatively empty inside when we arrive at 11:30am.

There were actually four different seating areas: hibachi, dining, sushi bar, and bar. I was actually impressed with how clean and contemporary the atmosphere was. Although we were seated in a well lit area, the other rooms in the restaurant were dimly lit with occasional neon lights to guide you to the restroom or bar, and there was ambient lounge music playing the entire time. : )

First, we were both served green onion soup and salad, along with a bowl of really good miso soup to share. The dressing on my salad kind of looks like melted cheese in this next photo. :P

We then ordered two rolls of sushi: crunchy yellowtail (left) and tuna avocado (right). Although both were really great, I think I preferred the tuna avocado roll because the tuna had so much more flavor than similar tuna sushi from other restaurants that I’ve eaten at in the past.

Shortly after, our hibachi chef rolled in a cart and positioned himself behind the grill in front of us to cook our meal. He was super friendly and looked really professional at what he did!

The best part was probably when he made an onion volcano! :D

I ordered salmon, which was seared to perfection and incredibly delicious. The butter and glaze made both the fish and the vegetables all the better!

Michael ordered chicken with fried rice. I had a bite, and it was also good, but I liked mine way better. ; ) It was also really interesting to watch the fried rice being made, especially since I make mine differently when I’m at home.

For dessert, we ordered Bailey’s Irish Cream Cheesecake. SO HEAVENLY. The chocolate mousse on top was really fluffy and almost mint-flavored. The middle layer wasn’t as dense as I was expecting, which was great because I always end up feeling sick when I eat cheesecake with too thick of a consistency. And the chocolate crust was amazing, too! I can’t stand whipped cream, though, so I had Michael eat all of it. XD

When the check came, I was actually surprised that it all came out to only $40. Which we split, of course. :P If we had ordered the same meal during their dinner hours, we would have spent over $70 plus tip. Overall, I’m really glad we decided to eat at Kumo. Especially since the service, food, and atmosphere were great! I would definitely recommend trying it out if you live in the Stony Brook area, or are just passing through. ; )


9 responses to “Kumo Japanese Sushi & Steakhouse

  1. I had fun! I’m really glad it was affordable, while the quality didn’t actually suffer at all. We will have to go back some time :D

    • I had fun, too! And of course we’ll go back someday. :D It felt so good to also be saving so much money. : ) Thanks for coming with me to my first experience with hibachi. <3

  2. It looks so good!! :D lol you’re making me so hungry though lol especially with the salmon and the cheesecake haha oh man. Glad you guys had a nice time tho! It looks like a really cute place :)

    • Haha, it *was* good! :D I’ve been so bad with my diet lately, though, and this didn’t help at all. >.<; It's always nice to go out to eat every once in a while, though, especially since hibachi is not something I do all the time. : )

      • Aww yeah it is nice to go out every once in a while and you should enjoy it! :D On a side note , you have a great figure lol I don’t think you even need to diet to be honest lol :P

  3. improperintegirl

    I can’t believe how affordable that place is! And I’d prefer a lunch special at a hibachi place.. since it looks like the amount of food on your plates is a serving I could finish! Every time I’ve had hibachi I could only finish about half of it because they give you so much food… I’d rather pay less and be able to finish it there ^^

  4. What is the wine list like there? No listing on their site…..

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