Quick Update! :D

Hey, guys! Sorry that I haven’t updated in a while – things are starting to get hectic between school and work. I just wanted to quickly write about how I’ve been doing lately, though, in case any of you were curious. :P All photos in this post were taken with my iPod Touch on the Instagram app! ; )

The main reason I haven’t been writing more frequently is because I’ve been studying like crazy for the physics exam I have tomorrow morning. I received an embarrassingly low grade on my last one, but I’m feeling pretty confident about this next exam. It covers angular momentum, equilibrium, torque, static fluids, simple harmonic motion, and oscillation. There were so many equations to memorize! I wrote most of them on some cute construction paper turtles that I found in the office the other day to study off of. I made four in total! : )

The weather has been wonderful lately, too! It feels so nice to wear dresses again. If I could have it my way, every day would be 75 degrees out. I’ve spent my time outside studying doing things like walking around campus and just enjoying how warm it is. : ) Flowers are blooming all over my quad, too! Right outside of my hallway window is a really pretty tree with giant pink flowers. Here, I took three pictures and applied different filters onto each one:

So lovely! <3 And speaking of flowers, remember that Nine West tote from this post and the pink top from this post? Of course, I ditched the little pouch thing that came with the bag a long time ago – it looks much better without it. :P But one of the flower details from that top came loose in the wash. So I decided to pin it onto a clip and attach it to my bag! Which saves me the trouble of buying a more Spring-themed tote to carry my school books in. Check it out:

Tonight, me and the other Resident Assistants in my building also hosted an alcohol awareness program in our recreation room. I was in charge of designing the flyer, and I really liked how it came out. : )

After watching a short performance by the group Swallow This, three members of the University Police Department brought in several beer goggles and obstacle courses for the attendees to play around with. It was actually really funny to see my residents stumbling while playing cider pong and walking the sobriety line test. XD The policemen had the funniest stories of drunken students they’ve encountered over the years, too! Our ultimate goal was met, though, in terms of getting across our point that drinking alcohol is no laughing matter when not dealt with responsibly.


2 responses to “Quick Update! :D

  1. I love your flyer! :D and the flower definitely looks cute with the tote good thinking! :) lol

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