Easter Weekend in Boston!

Hey, guys! Sorry that I’ve been gone for the last few days. I spent the past weekend in Massachusetts with my family because my brother wanted to go to Anime Boston. Even though I didn’t attend, I still hung out for a couple hours in the Prudential Center right next to the convention. My brother decided to crossplay for this event, and asked to borrow some of my old clothes from high school. :P The corset, skirt, and petticoat underneath the skirt were from Hot Topic. But I sewed the headdress myself from lace, felt, and ribbon! :D

I decided to dress up a little bit, too, because I felt like it. I bought this dress a couple of years ago from a small shop in SoHo – I took the sash and wrapped it around my shoulders instead, though, for a different look. People actually asked to take pictures of me, too! Which was surprising, since I didn’t aim to look like a character from any anime series at all. Perhaps they thought I was? XD

This was my first time wearing my new NYX Black Cherry lipstick in public, too. It really made me feel confident! I might actually wear it on a regular night out from now on. : ) Sorry for the blurriness it the next photo – my brother took it with shaky hands in the food court. :P

There were a ton of really good cosplayers that day, too! It was unfortunate that I accidentally left my memory card in my laptop. :'( I would have taken a ton of pictures with them otherwise. I was able to take a few of our hotel room, though!

The next day, I was able to spend some time with Michael. After he picked me up, we had lunch at a great Middle Eastern place called Boston Shwarma. We ordered and shared a shawarma and a kibby sandwich. The meat was so flavorful! The spices tasted very exotic, too. Again, I missed out on my opportunity to take photos. >.<; After that, we headed over to the Museum of Fine Arts. :D I decided to camwhore in the car. :P

Their seasonal exhibit featured glass sculptures by Dale Chihuly, but the waiting time to get in was well over an hour. So we decided to tour the rest of the museum for four hours instead! Here are some of the pictures I took..

George Washington being a badass.

Note that the shark has.. lips?

A really pretty ceiling! :D

Paintings by Renoir

Michael and I taking a break on a couch.

But because it was raining all day, there wasn’t much else to do. :'( The next day, I walked around the city with my brother. Some notable points of interest included Boston Common, Quincy Market, Newbury Street, the USS Constitution, and the Freedom Trail. :D

It was a pretty fun weekend, I guess. But in my personal opinion, I think I prefer New York City over Boston any day. :P Until next time!


7 responses to “Easter Weekend in Boston!

  1. You look so pretty! :D I love the dress on you!

    Sounds like a fun weekend :) I’ve always wanted to go to Boston, but so far I haven’t had a chance yet :( Jonathan and I have been trying to go every summer so far without any luck, but who knows, maybe this summer will finally be the one we get to go lol hopefully :P

  2. improperintegirl

    you look really pretty in that camwhore pic of you in the car!!

    and i dont think people thought you were any particular anime character, but a random generic anime/japanese looking cosplayer and they wanted to take your picture because you looked good XD

    • Haha, thank you! If that were the case, then I guess I’m flattered. XD I don’t plan on going to a convention again unless I have a real costume planned out ahead of time, and if I were going with a large group of friends. *hint hint*

  3. Omgsh. I’ve been wanting to go to Anime Boston forever! I miss going to cons so much, but they are so freaking expensive. Not to mention I don’t have a car yet :(

    Aww your brother looks adorable! I absolutely love your outfit. The bow is such a good addition. And you look amaaazzingg.

    On a few sidenotes: I’m trying to pudge off a stubborn last 5lbs before I offically give up and start hitting the gym. Any ideas on creative healthy low cal meals? I’m starting to puke every time I look at salads or soups at this point.

    Sidenote 2: My cousins have jobs in the fashion industry editorial and PR side, and they had invited me to this Guilt Groupe membership thing. It’s an online website where designer clothes are suppose to be pretty cheap (though I honestly have seen the ridiculous “sale” prices they have and haven’t really used the site). I figure since you are very intuned with the latest and great in fashion you may want an email invite (I have like 10 to spare XD). Let me know!

    • I know, the money spent on conventions (travel, registration, food, etc) really adds up. >.<; And thank you! :D

      Personally, I hate going to the gym. I'm like allergic to exercise. XD For low calorie meals.. I stick to yogurt, cereal, tomato soup, oatmeal, and fruit. I rarely drink anything with calories in it, too. Good luck!

      And yes, I've heard of Guilte Groupe! I'm already a member, but quickly unsubscribed after seeing that their "sale prices" were still incredibly ridiculous. Haha. Thank you anyway. : )

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