YesStyle Haul

Alright, so maybe this shouldn’t really be considered a “haul”. I only bought three items, after all! But do you guys remember the last time I made a post about YesStyle? I finally placed an order! Why? Because they were having sales (and items go out of stock really quickly), and a $5-off coupon code I found through a Google search softened the blow of their $10 shipping fee to the US. : )

Normally, I never buy clothes online. I prefer to fit them in person, especially with a less-than-standard body type like mine. But I found these styles to be universally flattering, and measurements are conveniently posted on the website for each item. Shipping from Hong Kong only took two days to arrive at my campus mail room. Additionally, each item was individually packed in plastic, and neatly folded. I found this very impressive. ; )

1) Daily Pink: Asymmetric Hem Tank Dress, in Black – $18.00 $14.40

When I first saw this dress on the website, I immediately wanted it. In black, of course! From the photos online, the white version looked too see-through. :'( It’s a very simple and versatile piece, though, that can be dressed up or down depending on what else you wear with it. The asymmetric hemline really got me hooked, too.

Of course, I’m not as petite as the model in the previous photo. (My dimensions are listed under my “About Me” for reference.) But it still fits me comfortably. I was actually afraid that the bust area would be too tight, but the material of the dress is made of surprisingly thick, opaque, and high quality cotton that allows enough stretch. Way better than anything similar I could find at H&M for the same price. :D Love it! <3

2) PUFFY: Tie-Waist Open Front Cardigan, in Almond – $22.00 $17.60

This cardigan is what I was excited for the most! All my other cover-ups are either black or dark grey, so finally having one in a soft nude would add more depth to my wardrobe. The color looks especially great and almost professional when paired with black. ;D

The outfit above is actually what I wore to my job interview today! :D The hem of the cardigan is longer in the front than in the back, and flows really prettily when you walk. The color is also true to the website photo – my room just has terrible lighting. :P The material is really soft and light, which is perfect for the upcoming warm weather! There is also a belt that comes with it, but I prefer to tie it behind me, since my waist isn’t very defined and the actual piece of clothing runs a tiny bit too large on me. The style is meant to be drapey anyway, so I honestly don’t mind. : )

3) 59th Street: Beads-Bow Elasticized Belt, in Black$12.00 $7.20
I’ve been wanting to buy a thick, black, bow belt for a really long time! But no stores near me seem to carry them anymore. :( Thankfully, I found this on the website and immediately added it to my shopping bag. I was most doubtful about this item, though, since I’m a little heavy around the middle and the model pictured in the photos is so skinny! I read that it was elasticized, though, so I wasn’t too worried. :P

The bow is adorable in real life, and doesn’t look cheaply made like the similar ones I saw in stores last Fall when they were still popular and in-season. It isn’t tight on me at all, and would look amazing with all my other dresses and tunic tops, but I still need to lose some stomach fat. >.<; Here’s me wearing it with a shirt I bought from American Eagle three years ago.

Overall, I’m more than satisfied with my purchase! :D Most of the items on YesStyle are very unique pieces that fit my style perfectly. I only bought three things, though, because I didn’t want to take a risk by buying too much from a website I’m ordering from for the first time. But this experience has definitely made me want to shop here again and again. I definitely recommend! <3


7 responses to “YesStyle Haul

  1. I really like the belt on you! :D Definitely very cute!! lol I browsed the website after reading your post and it kind of reminds me of alot of the stuff they sell in the little malls in Flushing :) very cute lol

    • Haha, thank you! : ) I like the site because I would actually wear most of what they have, which is more than I can say about a lot of stores. :P I can’t wait until our date in Flushing this summer! <3

      • Me neither!! :D I went to Flushing on Wednesday with a friend, and so much has changed since I was last there in October!! There’s no more old Navy and they’re finally fixing up the old Caldor its crazy!! I’m especially excited to take our pics tho!! <3

  2. improperintegirl

    they seem to have a lot of cute things on that website! i just don’t think i could spend enough to make it worth the shipping costs >.< some of their items also remind me of things i've seen at this store in flushing called joyce leslie. if you've never been there before i'll take you there this summer ^^

    • Yeah, $10 shipping is pretty expensive. But there are coupon codes online that make it only $5. Haha. And I’ve always passed by Joyce Leslie, but never actually walked in! We can go together. :) I haven’t been in the Flushing area in a REALLY long time. :P

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