Finding more Spring treasures in my closet!

Hey, guys – remember my last post about shopping your own closet? This weekend while I was home, I found even more pieces that are still in fashion for this Spring season! I forgot that I evened owned some of these. :P

In the Filipino culture, we don’t celebrate a girl’s Sweet Sixteen. Instead, we celebrate her coming of age with a Debut. If you’re interested, read the Wikipedia article I’ve linked to. : ) Anyway, I was lucky enough to have friends that chose me to be part of their “court”. Thus, I learned performed various choreographed ballroom dances. For one of them, I needed a pair of silver heels and my mom bought this pair for me at DSW when I was seventeen.

At that age, I wasn’t even aware of designer shoe brands! Now that I have more of an appreciation for them, I’m surprised that I’ve completely overlooked this pair by BCBGirls for the past four years. Although they’re half a size too large on me, it’s not significant enough that I have trouble walking in them. They’re actually surprisingly comfortable. Definitely going to start wearing them!

Two summers ago, my family and I went on a Caribbean cruise. I’ve completely forgotten which island we bought this tiered dress from, though. The tube top is elasticized, and the flowy skirt goes down to my mid-calf. Pictured below is a close up of the pretty floral pattern featured on some of its panels. I find it perfect to wear while walking on beaches or through parks. : )

Below are two Billabong tube tops that I purchased from PacSun over two years ago. They have paint-splatter print all over them, and bring a much-needed pop of color into my wardrobe. I once wore the black one to a party that was lit up by black lights, and I was glowing in the dark! :D

I bought the black miniskirt pictured below at Charlotte Russe about three years ago. The ruffles are super cute, but I never wore it much because I was extremely self-conscious of my legs. Now that I’m more comfortable with my body, I plan to work this piece into more of my outfits. :]

Shopping your closet is a great way to save money, and maximize the potential of your wardrobe. It’s especially useful to organize your clothes regularly when you think you need to buy seasonal trends – because chances are you might already own something similar! :o

On a final note, I’ve begun to watch the television series Dexter upon recommendation by several friends. Loving it so far! Does anyone have another series that they particularly enjoy that I can start after I’m done with this?


7 responses to “Finding more Spring treasures in my closet!

  1. Love BCBG! cute heels! I say try “Breaking Bad,” its an AMC show I think. It’s rather interesting in the beginning seasons, but I haven’t been caught up with it though.

  2. hello po ang gaganda po ng mga gamit niyo.. may mga pinaglumaan po ba kayu?

    pasencia na po sa tanong ko..

  3. uhmm im so sorry po i said that your dresses is so gorgeous and i like it im sorry because im no good in english because …. me is only poor

  4. – so were same hope i had work too so i can buy the things that i want and my mother wants.. thank you

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