Mall stores are becoming too pre-teen for me.

You heard me right. A phenomenon has happened within the past couple of years, where more and more fashion-forward stores (which supposedly target college girls and young working women) are becoming insanely popular amongst the pre-teen crowd. While I was growing up, middle schoolers didn’t really care about style or dressing up. To be honest, I didn’t either! All I was interested in at the time were video games and other kid stuff.

So I find it a little disturbing for a 20-year-old me to be shopping inside Victoria’s Secret and seeing 12-year-old girls buying thongs and push-up bras for their underdeveloped bodies, or walking into any other clothing store and overhearing a group of pre-pubescent girls talking about “structured boots” and “hobo bags”. The standard has been raised, and young girls no longer want to achieve looking 18 – instead, the new golden number is 21. Especially with the rising popularity of Forever 21, it’s become easier for these girls to buy more mature clothing with their lunch-money budget.

Is this really what childhood is evolving into for the typical American girl?

Now that I’m far outnumbered by pre-teens at all my favorite and affordable stores at the mall, I barely have any desire to shop at them anymore. Besides, I tired of buying $3 tanktops that get destroyed in the washing machine after my second or third wear. Thus, I’ve turned to less popular online stores for my shopping needs, which has been more convenient for me as a busy college student. Of course, shipping fees do accumulate – I just wait for sales and/or free shipping promotions. :P

Lately, I’ve been wishing I could afford to shop at two stores in particular: Topshop and ASOS. I’ve only walked into the Topshop in SoHo in New York City once, and hastily walked out as soon as I glanced at the price tags. Although I do admit that many of their pieces are priced ridiculously high, you can rest assured that what you’re purchasing is of top-notch quality and design. Unfortunately, too many of their  styles are just too plain and outdated. And although I do enjoy browsing their website, I can’t imagine myself actually shopping here until after college.

ASOS = free shipping on all US orders. That’s how I discovered them! Their prices are slightly more reasonable than Topshop, but still out of my budget. I enjoy browsing their collection more because they have much better photographs of their clothing from different angles. And unlike Topshop, I would wear just about everything on the ASOS website! From the reviews I’ve read, though, much of their clothing caters towards the tall and lean crowd – limiting me to the Petite section. :'(

Hopefully, I’ll be able to make time for shopping in the city with my girlfriends this summer! And perhaps continue to develop my style into something both practical and age-appropriate. : ) For now, I’ll be avoiding crowded malls at all costs. See you guys later! ^o^


6 responses to “Mall stores are becoming too pre-teen for me.

  1. A preteen buying a bra in Victorias Secret?? thats insane!!! :( i definitely understand how you’re feeling though. Queens Center Mall is packed with tweens and they aren’t shopping at tween stores like Rave Girl and Justice (or whatever it is that Limited Too is now called lol) but are instead shoving each other over the tops on the H&M racks! its crazy but its not even just clothes..its everything with ipods and technology too..i dont have an iphone or blackberry but i see so many little kids carrying these EXPENSIVE devices and it blows my mind lol BUT “Hopefully, I’ll be able to make time for shopping in the city with my girlfriends this summer!” I think you should definately do that ;) lol

    • What I find even worse is that these same pre-teens are begging their mothers to buy them clothes at expensive places like Abercrombie & Fitch. When I was 13, it wasn’t even an option in my mind to ask my parents to buy me a pair of $90 jeans. Ridiculous!

      And I agree that kids are taking technology way too far, as well. They have little use for smart phones. Even I don’t think I need one until after college, when I have a real job. =/

      And don’t worry, we’ll get down to that in just two more months! ;D

      • Lol I think it sums up to kids these days are becoming to spoiled XD $90 jeans?! thats insane!! I won’t spend that much on jeans for myself now even lol

        and cant wait! :)

  2. Kids’ priorities all are messed up these days. Who is to blame though? The parents, mostly. I think it’s more of a New York thing, and I say this seriously not just insulting New York. It’s the fashion capital of the world, and its residents have to stay on top of things. Here in Acton, kids are still modest – thank god.

    • Perhaps. I haven’t ventured outside of New York for long enough to observe the shopping patterns of tweens in other states. But I’m sure they’re somewhat similar near other major cities.

  3. True. I’m sure it’s bad in Boston. Acton is just perfect I guess ;-)

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