Clairol Born Blonde Maxi

Because I couldn’t stand my dark roots any longer, I went ahead and lightened my hair again last night. :P The history of my hair-dye posts is proof that I never use the same shade twice, mostly because I like trying new brands. This time, I picked up a box of Clairol Born Blonde Maxi. : )

The product claims that it can turn extremely dark hair into a very light blonde. Of course, I didn’t believe it. I mean, look at those swatches on the side of the box! There’s no way that could happen without damaging your hair to the point of breakage. But I wanted to try it out anyway. :P

The contents included not one, but two lightening powder packets. At this point, I knew I was in for a rough ride. I’m no stranger to bleaching, and I know how painful the process can be. After mixing the necessary products, the solution inside of the applicator was a bright blue. My boyfriend applied it to my hair, to make sure everything was evenly saturated. And I was right to assume this stuff was incredibly strong. My scalp felt a mild burning sensation, my eyes were watering, and I was trying as hard as I can to not breathe the fumes in. I washed it all out after 15 minutes, and used the included moisture intensive conditioner.

The photo above is what my hair looked like immediately after washing it out. I was so afraid that it came out badly because it was a radioactive orange! Thankfully, hair lightens considerably after drying,

I’m actually quite impressed with how evenly it came out! The roots lifted wonderfully, my length lightened a bit, and my ends are now super light blonde. I still have the gradient effect going on, except I look like I have highlights now!

My hair doesn’t feel any more damaged than it was before, which is a relief. I have a feeling that my next bleaching will actually make me a true blonde. Which is perfect, since that will be just in time for summer! : )


17 responses to “Clairol Born Blonde Maxi

  1. Your hair is looking great! :D and still very healthy despite the heavy bleaching!! Haha whats your secret?!? XD I know how brutal a bleach that light can be :/ when I bleached my hair over the summer I had an ultra bleach blonde box of Loreal, which also had the two powder packets and it was incredibly painful, my eyes started burning like crazy and i had to try and open a window to get some fresh air because the fumes were so strong. I haven’t dyed my hair that light though since the summer so thankfully I haven’t had to experience that since lol

    • Haha, thank you! I try to keep it healthy in three ways: 1) Only bleaching it for a very short period of time every month. Lightening in increments, you know? Haha. If I leave it in for more than 25 minutes, my hair gets too dry and won’t recover for weeks. 2) Not only do I slather on extra conditioner every morning, I deep condition once a week. 3) Most importantly, I’ve limited my heat styling to only three or four times a week. When I used to straighten my hair every day, it would get incredibly fried.

      After I achieve blonde, I might go for a funky color like red or pink after it grows out a little bit. I remember when yours used to be green! :D

      • I really need to start deep conditioning because I do use heat styling tools almost everyday at this point :/ and i can definitely see the effects it has had on my hair lol

        and u shuld do it! :D that would look so good to do the tips like that since u have long hair or even the bangs!! :) lol I miss my green hair sometimes!! haha id love to do like a purple or a teal for a month tho!

  2. improperintegirl

    I love how your hair came out this time!
    Just out of curiosity, once you go full blonde, do you ever plan on going darker for periods of time.. because if you don’t I can imagine your hair dye posts coming to an end… and I don’t want that to happen! I love your before and after pictures.. especially since your hair always manages to look so shiny and mesmerizing ^^

    • Thank you! : ) Eventually, I will settle down to a darker shade like brown or even black. Especially since I will inevitably become super dark this summer, and it will just look odd if I’m incredibly tanned with blonde hair. Haha. It will be a shame, though, if I decide to stop dyeing my hair because I do enjoy posting my before and after pictures! And don’t worry, my hair only looks shiny because of the flash. :P It’s not really that healthy-looking in real life. I wish. XD

  3. unknowntheartist

    Your hair looks great! I don’t think I’ve seen that particular series of hair dye around OZ yet.
    I usually bleach my hair and run a light brown through to even it out- I always get horror stricken when I see the orange hair and then I calm down when I remember, it’s a means to a lighter hair colour (and a start to new makeup routine!)

    • Thank you! I usually don’t color my hair after bleaching because I end up liking the color as it is. :P And I get you with the new makeup routines! My only concern with lighter hair is that I won’t be able to pull off red lipstick anymore. :X

  4. LOVE IT! Mine is slightly burning and I’ve had it in about 15 minutes. Don’t know how much longer I can do but mine is MUCH darker. LOVE yours, What color did you start with?

  5. Wow so pretty!! Would this product work out for me if my hair is super yellow? I’m nervous to try it out though because I’ve already bleached my very dark brown hair twice, first time it turned orange and second it turned yellow. Would it damage my hair? :(

    • It depends on how much it’s currently damaged. This bleach is no joke, and you may risk breakage if you’re not careful. If you’re concerned, you should go to a professional at a salon! Hope that helps. :)

  6. crystal ciafardini

    Hi I have blk hair I am tryn to get rid of n want to try born blonde…it workd well on your hair…my hair is a lil shorter than urs. Did u need one or two boxes? Plz email me

    • You probably need two boxes, and would have to process them separately. But it all depends on if your hair is naturally black or dyed black. If it’s dyed black, I recommend it getting professionally done. If it’s naturally black, use one box, then another box to lighten it again one or two days later. Hope that helps!

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  8. I am using Clairol Born Blonde and it turned a lot of my hair an orange color that will not come off and on top of the head where it turned blonder, there is also patches of light blue color. Has that ahppened to anyone? I have used a shampoo to get rid of the blue (Ravishing Reds) and it will unfortunaltely intensify the orange in my hair. While a Blue Shampoo will help to get rid of the orange slowly, but it will turn the blue patches bluer. The roots though are turning blonde without the orange. I have used the dye on my whole hair a couple of times and it won;t get rid of the orange, so, I might as well just keep it as it looks like lowlights, but the ends of my hair continued to be brown, so I had to cut those off. I cannot get rid of the orange, so, I will leave it like that. Any thoughts on what to do to get rid of the blue??

    • I want to try and help you but I need to know two things: 1) What color was your hair before applying it? Was it virgin brown or processed brown? Dyed dark hair is harder to bleach and will require more time left in. 2) What was your method of applying it? I do mine in three to four layers for the best (and most even) results. Also, you’re not supposed to apply the bleach to your roots about ten minutes after the rest of your length if your hair is dark.

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