50,000 hits? ♥

I’ve been so busy that I didn’t even realize that this blog has reached over 50,000 hits since its first post! : ) I’m so glad that it’s become as successful as it has – I couldn’t have done it without you guys. <3 I actually plan to delete some of my older posts. Not only are my photo-taking skills much superior now, but some of those entries are just embarrassing. :P Anyway, I just have a small update for you guys right now. I’ll be a little busy for the next week, too, since I have three papers to write! >.<;

First of all, I want to tell you guys how incredible the Aussie Moist Collection is. A few weeks ago, I told you all about my experience with their 3 Minute Miracle. Well, for the past two weeks I’ve been using the Aussie Moist Shampoo and Aussie Moist Conditioner (mostly because I hate 2-in-1 formulas). I’ve never seen my hair so hydrated before! The really large 1-liter bottles go for about $6  at your local drugstore, which is actually pretty cheap for its size. Personally, I don’t think the shampoo is anything special, but the conditioner is great. It’s super creamy, smells wonderful, and makes your hair feel AMAZING if you have dry ends. I would definitely recommend! :D

Secondly, I’m sure I’ve told you guys that I love reading Japanese fashion magazines. Unfortunately, they aren’t sold anywhere near my college campus. Thus, I’ve relied on LiveJournal communities like JMagazineScans to get my monthly fix. :P Although I’ve been reading ViVi for a couple months now, it’s been getting a little dry with the past couple of issues. I just discovered Ageha the other day, though!

The magazine targets young women aged 20-24 who are into the gyaru fashion style. And although I could never consider myself one or even attempt the style, I’m completely in love with the look. The models in Ageha are so beautiful! And although the style in ViVi is a little bit more mature, the fashion/hair/makeup pages in Ageha are much more colorful and informative. Click the scans below to enlarge! : )

The only thing I dislike about this magazine are their disgusting weight-loss advertisements. There’s such a pressure in Asia to have already stick-thin women become even skinner. It’s pretty sick. =/ Note that the ad claims that the woman on the right is only 38.9 kg, which is equal to about 85.7 lbs.

In other news, I have a new blog photo! : ) I love that my hair is getting longer. I’m not sure whether I want to lighten it again this weekend or over Spring Break. I usually re-color it every six or seven weeks, but lately my roots seem like they’re growing.. faster? Haha.

Lastly, I wanted to let you all know that my dear friend Kristiana has just started a blog! :D I’m so excited for her upcoming posts. She’s incredibly stylish, and I’m sure she has a lot to offer. You can find her blog here. I’ve also posted a link to it on my sidebar for future reference. : ) Until next time!


8 responses to “50,000 hits? ♥

  1. Awww I LOVE YOU!!! <3 That's so thoughtful of you to say!! :3

    and that new pic of you is absolutely gorgeous!! <3

    I completely agree with you though about the skinny asian models in the pictures..its such a shame that there are always such pressures on women to achieve such unrealistic body types…I cant even understand why people place such pressures on women either because to me being rail thin is just unattractive and unhealthy looking..

    The pictures made me think of a commercial I saw posted on Perez a while ago, http://perezhilton.com/2011-03-05-chinese-commercial-shows-boob-clamp-corset its not the same thing, but its just another way that women are expected to achieve the unattainable..it is physically impossible for a woman to be as thin as a toothpick and have naturally large breasts..and its really ridiculous that women in general are expected to achieve these standards..

    • Exactly. Those women in the pictures look so sickly. I love my women with curves! ;D Also, that commercial is ridiculous! :'( I couldn’t stop laughing, though, because every time they tied the corset they played a weird sound effect. XD If you’re interested in the image of women in advertising, there’s this documentary film I showed my residents called ‘Killing Us Softly’. http://youtu.be/QSXDCMSlv_I : )

  2. Lmao I know what you mean XD i also found it kinda funny the girls were running around with their corsets completely exposed for the whole world to see lol its like if the guy saw the boob clamp hanging out wouldnt he know that her boobs are an illusion? lol idk

    thanks for the link :) ive actually seen it in two of my classes already though XD

    • I know! They were practically pulling their real shirt down all the way to show off the corset. x_x And I used to watch videos like that all the time in my gender studies classes. It really inspires me to become a better woman. : )

  3. improperintegirl


    Omg… those weight loss photos are horrible. I also suspect that they’re shopped. Those girls have NO hips, yet they still have boobs… wait that could just mean they had boob jobs, not that the photos are shopped. It’s still really sad.
    I also see coupons for Aussie in the Sunday paper all the time, but I’ve never used them. Maybe I’ll give them a go next time CVS puts Aussie on sale XD
    As for the boob clamp thing, they also have a version that they sell in America, I saw it on a talk show. And as a person with small boobs (by today’s standards anyway) I think it can be a good thing if used occasionally. But my real problem is the fact that they make size zero dresses with enough room for D-cup boobs. For that reason I’m limited to empire waists and slightly looser cuts that don’t tailor to boobs at all as far as dresses go. But I’m going to stop now.. I’m saving the entirety of this rant for a very long blog post when I have enough time to write it.

  4. Thank you! And I know what you mean, so many stores carry impossibly disproportionate clothing. And I’ve never seen the American version – I’ll be sure to YouTube it later. XD

  5. congrats on 50K hits :D! Although I find that Asian ad really depressing >.<

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