Faradays of Smithtown

You know what’s better than blogging? Getting paid to blog. : ) I recently received a $25 gift card to in the mail and redeemed it online for a gift certificate to Faradays of Smithtown!

Michael and I called in for a reservation at 6pm, and found ourselves in the middle of Happy Hour in a very cozy Irish-American themed bar and restaurant.

Our waitress was super nice, and we were served a fresh loaf of wheat bread and butter. I only had water, but pictured here is Michael’s glass of Blue Moon. :P

For our appetizers, we ordered Fried Mushrooms and a Blooming Onion. Both were really good, though I did prefer the mushrooms because they were juicy and flavorful. I firmly believe that Outback Steakhouse does the deep fried onion much, much better!

Both of us were also served a black bean soup with sour cream on top!

For our entrées, I had the Bourbon BBQ Glazed Pork and Michael ordered the Chicken Contadina. At this point, I was already almost full. So I couldn’t even finish my whole plate without feeling like I was going to burst! Haha.

Both of our main dishes were excellent. Under different circumstances I’m sure we wouldn’t have even heard of Faradays, much less dine here. I’m glad that writing for this blog comes with its rewards! For those of you who are interested.. offers great deals on local eateries, no matter where you live. Just put in your zip code on their website to find participating restaurants! I honestly can’t wait for my next gift card to come in the mail next month, so we can find another fine place to try. : )


8 responses to “ Faradays of Smithtown

  1. The mushrooms also won because that sauce was amazing. But yeah, we definitely need to explore more nice restaurants in the area. Thanks for using your giftcard on us!

  2. ooo thats so awesome that is giving you free giftcards!! :D jealous!! haha sounds like a nice evening, glad u guys enjoyed it :) and that loaf of bread looks HUGE!!! lol

    cant wait to see you girlie!!! <3

  3. improperintegirl

    You were able to get all of that for $25?? And how do you get paid to blog?

    • Unfortunately, no. The restaurant is a bit expensive, so we had to pay the difference out of our pockets. >.<; Oh, and I've accumulated enough points on MyPoints via BzzAgent to earn several gift cards. I'm just saving the rest up for now, though, because I'm indecisive. XD

  4. Bookmarked, I really like your site! :)

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