Searching my closet for Spring!

To keep myself content with my current wardrobe and ward off the temptation to buy new Spring clothes, I dug through things that I haven’t worn in a long time and was surprised with what I found! I forgot that that I even owned colorful clothing. :P Searching through your own closet for pieces that are still in style for this season, and setting them aside to make a conscious effort to wear, is a great way to refresh your outfits!

I must have bought this necklace over 4 years ago. I rarely ever find personalized things with my name spelled correctly on it, so I usually hop on the chance to collect them. Lately, I’ve been having more appreciation for gold jewelry, too. It comes off as more grown-up than silver, in my opinion. : )

Floral wedges? Check. I bought this lovely pair at the Lake Success Shopping Center about two years ago for only $16, but have only worn them about three times since. Mostly because I wasn’t confident enough with how I walked in taller shoes. That’s definitely going to change this Spring. ; )

Bright, colorful, and fun patterns? Check! Top Left: Dress from Charlotte Russe. Top Right: Tunic top from Burlington Coat Factory. Bottom Left: Sheer sleeveless top from Aéropostale. Bottom Right: Dress by A. Byer that still fits me from the 4th grade! I’m sure I could find a whole lot more if I keep searching. :P

In other news, I’ve been trying to break in my new patent leather flats. They’re still incredibly stiff and probably won’t soften up for a while. Unfortunately, this has caused cuts in the back of my heels where the material rubs against my skin. We all have to suffer for fashion at some point, right? >.<; Anyway, I found myself with no band-aids in my room, so I went out to Target to buy some.

And I was much more excited than I should have been to find these!! XD Plain band-aids are surprisingly more expensive than kids’ band-aids, so I bought these instead. So cute! There was a whole variety of cartoon characters to choose from, but I went with Hello Kitty and Strawberry Shortcake because they were the prettiest. : )  I already opened them from their individual packaging because I’m a freak.

While I was there, I also picked up some black eyeliner and a new bottle of contact solution because I had run out of both. :P  Now that it’s getting warmer, my eyes won’t dry out from my circle lenses as quickly. So I’ll definitely be wearing them more often! :D


2 responses to “Searching my closet for Spring!

  1. improperintegirl

    I love kid band-aids!! I remember insisting on them when I was small because I believed they would help my cuts heal faster XD

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