Ed Hardy: Love Kills Slowly

After my slightly disappointing experience with buying shoes online last time, I’m at it again! This time I was browsing Endless.com, a discount fashion accessories site run by Amazon. What about them caught my attention? FREE two-day shipping on almost all of their products! *squeal* I get so impatient when I order things online – receiving a package two days later makes the already great prices so much better.

I ordered a pair of Ed Hardy’s Love Kills Slowly: Caracas Ballet Flats. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of the brand at all. I hate 99% of what Ed Hardy comes out with, mostly because their designs are always gaudy and obnoxious. Why would I want a giant tattoo-style tiger on my shirt with the brand’s logo plastered all over the front? But these flats were too cute to pass up.The original price tag is set to about $96, but I bought them for only ~$31. They were available in several other colors, too – navy, grey, and purple. But I chose black because I plan for these flats to last me a long time, so I might as well match them with everything. The sole, interior, and half of the outside have pretty designs but are subtle compared to the rest of the footwear line.

What attracted me the most about these are the pointed toes and studs, giving it just the right amount of edginess. They’re super shiny, too! The package came in the mail last Friday, but since I went home this weekend I just picked them up today. :P They arrived in such a cute box! : ) At least I know Ed Hardy isn’t completely tasteless.

A size 6 fits me pretty well, and the pair looks exactly like the photos from the website. They’re a little too stiff, but I guess this is where I’ll have to break them in to become comfortable. I’m assuming that because the original price was almost $100, the quality of the design and material will cause these flats to not get wrecked as quickly as my other pairs have. My only complaint is that the sole is completely smooth – thus, no traction. Especially on carpeted floors! I found myself gliding around my dorm room a little. I’ll get used to it, though. :P

Overall, I am satisfied. Definitely ordering from Endless.com again! : )


4 responses to “Ed Hardy: Love Kills Slowly

  1. improperintegirl

    Those flats are so cute! .. with discounts that big I want to look into endless.com. But I’m not that into buying clothing items online.. I need to try things on because its so hard for me to find things that fit :( I can name several stores I can’t buy pants at because I’m halfway between two sizes, and the larger is too large to be worn with a belt >.<

    • I totally understand you there – I don’t ever feel comfortable buying clothes online. I can put on something in the same size from several different stores, and they would all fit me differently. :X

  2. Ahhh so cute!! :) the discount price is really good too!! Cheaper than a discount you’d even get at Century 21 on ed hardy shoes lol def a good find!!

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