April Bulletin Board & Door Decs

It’s that time of the month again! My bulletin board for April provides some useful (and sometimes obvious) tips on how to save money as a poor college student. I love the contrast between my dark green background and light grey cityscape border! : )

It’s a little embarrassing, but I forgot to proofread some of the information that I posted and accidentally typed up “brining your friends to a restaurant” instead of “bringing your friends to a restaurant”. It’s too late to fix it, though, since free color printing is hard to come by on my campus. Hopefully, no one notices! XD

As for my hall’s new door decorations, I was too busy last week to make more creative ones, so I think I made up for it by using these super adorable paper lions that I cut out in the resource room using tons of different colored construction paper! Of course, I had to give them the kittyface. :3

I had a bunch of extra cut-outs, too, so I just stuck them onto the window. : )

I’m already thinking about my theme for next month. :P Until next time! ^o^


2 responses to “April Bulletin Board & Door Decs

  1. “Are for my hall’s new door decorations”

    Nice proof-reading ;-)

    I had fun helping you with this bulletin board. I hope most of it stays up! There’s less to tear down this time I think. It’s not like there’s real monies on it :-)

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